Stephanie's meditation session with the crystal skulls was fantastic! Not only did I clearly envision myself at Chaco Canyon as a past life, but my foot, which I had been having problems with for a few months, became better after sitting directly across from a large pink skull. Her healing sessions are also extremely interesting! She is very knowledgeable and called in spirit guides to help determine the age when my issues started. It was one of the most enlightening sessions I've participated in, and Stephanie takes the time to let you know what happened during the healing - in terms of spirit guides, chakra healing and other activity. Her healing sessions are tailored to each individual; she will select feathers, crystals, stones and healing methods best for each person's needs. Thanks for all your help and advice, Stephanie!
~ Lori Hines, author of The Ancient Ones

Energy Work:
Stephanie your energy work was the most amazing and freeing process-experience I have had in this life and maybe more lives. I am more comfortable in my body than I have ever been and it feels so good.
~ LB, AZ.

Just thought I would give you an update on Kim- CANCER FREE. While having some tough chemo/radiation, she never lost her hair. Stephanie, I really believe your “gift” had as much to do as the doctors in her recovery. I could sense your abilities throughout the process and know you were invaluable to her recovery. A very big THANK YOU.
~ Mike Ritter Scottsdale, AZ.

THANK YOU so much for your knowledge and insight! You have some powerful mojo, Dear Lady!
~ DV, AZ

I cherished those several days of our northern journey; the first session I had with you, instantly knowing that you had special qualities, qualities I was seeking in a guide that would help me on my continuing journey; your meditation and Shamanic journeying, sessions all serving, regardless of the intensity of our individual experience, to quietly nurture our beings. I know you are there, you share without reservation emanating a sense of grace and spirituality.
~ LS, AZ.

You are a healer and the world needs your love. You help people see things differently and make them feel accepted and inspired in their work. Aye, a miracle worker!
~ C.L.

I found Stephanie Phelps to be a profoundly gifted woman. She handled a difficult project with wisdom and confidence. Her attitude was joyful and she made us feel loved.
~ Orene Anderson, AZ.

I want to thank you for that outstanding session today, your guidance, your work removing blockages, and the intensity with how you worked .Stephanie, thank you again for a powerful and meaningful session. May you be blessed in the work you are doing – it is of great need for so many.
~ VC, AZ.

I am lying here trying to sleep, but thoughts just keep racing in my head and energy is flowing through my body at full force. I haven’t felt this alive in years! I feel like things are really starting to happen. I am awakening out of a spiritual hibernation. So many thoughts, feelings, desires, and passions that have been dammed up are now flowing. I infinitely thank you for starting my life anew.
~ AM, AZ.

Thank you so very much for our time together yesterday. We truly were so happy with the experience and the result. Our home feels so much lighter, thanks to your assistance for our house clearing and blessing.
~ LW, AZ

Stephanie, I can't thank you enough for leading me back into life and giving me the hope that I have now. As recently as last week, I didn't really believe that I was a "salvageable" person, and felt like I had just been through much-or maybe I was too old to change--or even that my heart couldn't be put back together. I haven't easily asked help from others, but in this instance-I am so thankful for being led to you. Thank you for all of the healing you've facilitated . I feel I have finally found what I have needed, and that which will give me the peace and self-acceptance that I needed.
~ AZ

I just wanted to thank you again for our work together yesterday. I feel much clearer and more positive about taking the next steps in my life.
~ KE, AZ

Meditations and Shamanic Journeys

First I want to say that the meditation tonight was probably the most moving I’ve ever done. I received messages at each direction on the medicine wheel. It was amazing and emotional! Anyway, thanks for the experience! I will never forget it!!
~ Tamy K, FL


Your Ceremony was gentle, tender, inspiring, soothing and magical. Thank you for your wonderful guidance and the beauty of the ceremony.
~ LPS, AZ.

Whether attending a ceremony, workshop or having a 1-1 appointment Stephanie demonstrates and speaks with an inherent wisdom and grace that comes from deep within her soul. Her ceremonies are magical and inspiring. Stephanie, you are a God-given resource on Mother Earth for healing, joy, harmony and magical inspiration! I am grateful to have found you.
~ DV. AZ.

Thank you for the wonderful medicine wheel ceremony last night. It is such an honor and privilege to join with others on their path and you definitely are a heart-centered shaman who holds the space with such integrity. So thank you,
~ CC.

Oh Stephanie, you were such a beautiful Divine reflection of the true nurturing essence of The Mother and you took us with was absolutely beautiful and breathtaking and I am still IN THE PLACE...and I really feel like The Mother could feel us trying to give back to her 2-fold. You harnessed the energy beautifully and you had us in that Place of BEING with her and we were all able to focus our thoughts, and it was the most wonderful Talking Stick balancing circle I've ever witnessed! That is your moved with her as if you were ONE and we were centered in the ONENESS.
~ L. B.

You are one of those rare individuals whose grace and great compassion makes a real difference in this world.
~ K.D., AZ

Pilama for last night's ceremony! I know it was a labor of love and your strong commitment to Mother Earth.
~ M. T., AZ

Last night’s Wesak Medicine Wheel ceremony was extremely powerful for me. It was a life-changing experience. I spoke my truth. I released all that does not serve me on this plane and all other planes; in this world and all parallel worlds - all things that do not serve me, so that I may serve others. The words just fell out of my mouth. I arrived home, fell into bed, and slept like a rock.
~ WF, AZ.

You are a passionate powerful speaker with a gentleness that makes you human and approachable. Your personal stories intertwined with your ever changing path really clicked with gave me a new tool of introspection... and changing how I can handle some of the things I am dealing with right now. You are really helping people. Thank you...for being you...and stepping into my life...
~ Lynn

I want to thank you again for the invitation to be in the medicine wheel. Both Gillian and I felt embraced and supported in our intentions; our prayers were heard and confirmed and we spent time in nostalgia...remembering past ceremonies and special stones. It will always be a little piece of heaven.
~ DM, Scottsdale AZ

You know, I feel like a new woman on top of her world and her game this evening. It was so restful to be out in the medicine wheel and be with you where we could just talk and share. It was glorious! Once again, my dear friend, you have shown me your truest colors and I am so honored to have experienced what you do.
~ Victoria, AZ

Thank you for hosting such a wonderful ceremony. It was a pleasure to mingle with others and also share in the experience. Your medicine wheel is magical. Perfect night to commune with Nature, Mother Earth, Father Sky and all of the spirits.
~ VEE, AZ.

You are such an amazing lady. I feel your unconditional love and support--it means SO MUCH to me! Last night's ceremony was beautiful and meaningful, as always! Thank you so very much, from the bottom of my heart!
~ Heather Hunter, AZ.

Thank you for your gracious hospitality in making me feel welcome into your prayer circle. You are so comfortable in your role, and as an observer in the ceremony I can see you are walking in your gift.
~ Diana Harnadek, Toronto, Canada

Classes and Workshops

Thank you Stephanie! Your Medicine Tool class was great fun. The night of the class I had a dream that a shaman from Peru wearing a red poncho appeared and showed me the power of my wand. There were rainbow arches of light shooting out of the dangling bells and little hummingbirds flying around the rainbow arches. I redid portions of the wand and now I love it. I can't wait to consecrate it and use it! Let us know when you are having your next fire ceremony.
~ K.M. AZ.

Thank you for all you are and dare to do. You inspire me. There are many women I admire, but you truly inspire me. I am reminded that inspire means bringing spirit in. So literally, you do. I feel honored to work with you.
~ WF, Flagstaff, AZ

Do you have any idea of the profound affect you have had on my life during this year? You have introduced me to medicine wheel ceremony, bird seed, corn meal, the talking stick workshop, the chalice group, Native American traditions, the Crystal Barn, a hike to sacred ruins! Wow. In deepest gratitude to YOU. You have enriched my life in a most blessed way.
~ VC. AZ.

Sedona, Sacred Sites, Retreats

"I am so thankful for your presence and guidance, your openness and unconditional love and your wisdom and knowledge. I did not know during the ceremonies, teachings and places we visited how much I was being given until I have been home for these last two months which has been a time of processing. I am still feeling energy, spiritual connection, and know that having you as my mentor has changed the direction of my life and in turn changed my family's lives as well. Thank you for your wonderful way of the Spirit."
~ Linda Brown, Transpersonal Life Coach & Therapeutic Art, Oregon

It was a joy to meet you personally. I know in one day I did more and experienced more in Sedona than most people would do in three days! I thank you for your open heart and dedication to ensure my day in Sedona would be a significant one. I am honored that we shared ceremony at these most sacred sites on our planet together. It is a bond that will keep us connected always at the heart! The experience I had at Bell Rock with the sonic boom opening of my heart chakra I know plays a part in all of this. I do believe the communication with these beings of Light and those of the Ascended Masters involves a telepathic communication that comes through the heart. It is also worthy to note that the Dove who came to us did so to send energy again to the heart. I am honored to share the amazing journey we are all on with you my Spiritual Sister.
~ Rev. Sharon-Elizabeth James, Florida

A HUGE THANK YOU for the wonderful gift of time, effort, healing, driving, tour guidance, connecting with the Hopi and the list goes. I have come away with deep gratitude for your incredible efforts. Talk about focus!! You’re a wonderful Shamanic Healer, doing some great work in your part of the world, that ultimately affects us all. I really needed to connect more to dear Mother Earth and this you have fostered for me, thank you.
~ Annie, Australia

I’ve been fortunate to meet, know, learn from, share with a variety of people and find that you are different than many I know. Your gentleness of spirit, compassion, understanding, depth of knowledge, ability to share, your humility come through with an ease of grace that makes all around you feel comfortable. I’ve been thinking about our Sedona and Hopi experiences since Tuesday and your quiet gentleness as you guided us through our spiritual experiences – you were giving, thoughtful, compassionate, understanding of each of us and all those that we met who served to enhance our respective journeys. I saw how the guides/facilitators/hosts you arranged for respected you in their own quiet way and because of you made us feel equally welcome.
~ Lou Savenelli, AZ.

A note of gratitude for an absolutely amazing day! I can't begin to express how much I enjoyed this journey, and how much it has enriched my soul. I look forward to doing a sweat lodge with you at some future date.
~ Liz, AZ

I had a great time on the Sedona Sacred Sites Day. My energy is still very high and my meditations are deep and lasting longer than normal.
~ Joseph Kachuroi, AZ.

Thank you SO much for that magical day with you in Sedona. It was deeply supportive and enriching to me to learn from your magical wisdom. A profound blessing to be embraced by your peaceful serenity in the sacred space you so beautifully created for us.
~ Michelle Karén M.A., D.F.Astrol.S.

Spending the day with Stephanie visiting the sacred sites in Sedona is a wonderful way to begin the journey to learn more about yourself.
~ Debra K. AZ.

Letters to Stephanie

The Sedona Experience
The Sedona Experience ~ It was a journey. It was magical, mystical, spiritual, purifying, powerful, enlightenment. From the ever flowing crystalline waters of the canyons connecting deep within our spiritual beings - to the Red Cliffs graced by the wonderment of the Shaman’s Chair - to the petroglyphs facilitated our journey through time - to the intimacy of a sweat lodge hosted by two beautiful souls who guided our journey through chanting and songs as we each experienced our individual soulful cleansing - to the beauty of a shared shamanic healing ceremony of one of our group - to the spirit of community friendship sharing meals and individual moments as we journeyed to our final culmination in the birthing cave guided by the deep, emotional, penetrating vibrations of a didgeridoo generated by the breath of one was has journeyed to the depths of its origin country. The Sedona Experience was a blessing, guided by the spiritual beauty of a gentle soul who whispered, imparted, shared and comforted. I am grateful for three fulfilling days filled with shared moments of compassion, awakening and expanding of one consciousness. It was a blessing.
~ LPS, Oct 27, 2011

Crystal Skull Meditation

I have traveled throughout the United States, South America, Canada and Mexico seeking knowledge, wisdom and hands on experience with different cultures and their beliefs. I have always been drawn to sit in the presences of those who have been blessed with the gift of healing. I attended a "Crystal Skull Meditation" offered by Storm Wisdom in Phoenix, Arizona. It was at this meditation, led by Stephanie Phelps, that I witnessed and received instantaneous healing. Two weeks prior, I had received a deep cut to my leg. My injury needed stitches and I contemplated calling 911 due to the extent of the injury. My core belief is based on mind over matter so I chose not to partake of modern medicine. Unfortunately within this two weeks period my injury had not healed and it continued to bleed and I feared an infection was setting in.

I entered the meditation and observed the beautiful Crystal Skulls in the room. I was led by the spirit to sit and face one particular skull. I have never been drawn to crystals or to skulls but I learned from my experience not question when the spirit requests for me to follow. As Stephanie led the meditation I heard in my soul the skull speaking to me. I opened my eyes and watched as the lights around the skull danced and played. I asked the skull to help me understand the message I was to receive from the meditation. A message kept playing over in my mind that everything is about the energy you give to it. It continued to say that I must pay attention to the energy around me. Suddenly the light stopped dancing and in a steady stream the light shot directly to the injury on my leg. The light continued to focus on my leg until the meditation ended. At the instant I realized the pain in my leg was gone. After the meditation I remove the bandage and found the bleeding had stopped. Within hours a scab had formed and within a few more hours the scab disappeared and I had only a small scar remaining.

This experience and blessing of instantaneous healing is a testament of the power of believing that the universe provides all things needed for one’s own good. I was blessed with the opportunity experience the power of the Crystal Skulls. Most importantly, Stephanie shared her gift as a master, a leader, a teacher and a healer. Thank you, Stephanie, for your dedication in helping every soul to find their way. Thank you for sharing your gifts and talents with all. I would suggest to anyone searching for greater meaning and understanding of the Crystal Skulls attend this meditation.
~ Cat Baker


I have been putting off writing my testimonial because quite frankly, I didn't know where or how to begin to describe the wonderful changes in my life since beginning healing sessions with Stephanie. The changes I have experienced in my life from those sessions have been deep, profound, and long-lasting...everything has improved, from the emotional, mental, and physical symptoms I was having, but more importantly-the spiritual changes, and shifts in attitude I have been having since my very first session. I feel that meeting Stephanie and having the facilitation of healing that I needed has literally saved my life. Some of the things that I was experiencing, I had experienced all my life....depression, suicidal thoughts, addictions, self-esteem issues, a serious injury from a fall, karmic issues, stress and not knowing how to deal with it, and some energetic issues in my home/all around me. These have all substantially improved, or disappeared all together.
Each time I meet with Stephanie for whatever it is that she is guided to do-I feel like I am coming home. Stephanie is deeply compassionate, deeply kind, and deeply loving, and I trust who she is, and what she does with every fiber of my being. Every single healing session has lifted me up to a higher plane, and brought me awareness of the empowerment that I AM, if I choose to be-and that I CAN make those choices today. The support I have been given from Great Spirit, kindred spirits, and so many loving community members has become apparent from doing the healing and being a part of some of the activities involving Stephanie. She has been for me-a healer, an educator, a leader of the tribe, a teacher, a confidante, and an example of how I wish to live my life. Having Stephanie facilitate healing for me has brought those other immeasurable gifts to me in the form of workshops, the ceremonial circles, encouragement, knowledge of karmic issues, how to protect myself psychically, and how to foster gratitude. I couldn't possibly imagine where I would be today if I hadn't met her, and tried the healing modalities she practices, and I am so very thankful for our paths to have crossed. Stephanie, thank you for everything you have done in helping me find and heal my inner being and in finding my spiritual self.
~ MM. AZ.