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February is a special time when the seeds within the earth are beginning to buzz and there is a vibration taking place deep within the womb of the Mother Earth working with the God Thought that makes all things grow.

We are at the cross quarter of time between winter solstice and spring equinox in the northern hemisphere. We are stirring with a sense of emergence. We feel the restlessness after a winter of slowing down, slumbering and allowing for the dreamtime. We have gone deep into the stillness of our sacred space and now the dream is taking shape; bringing forth what was silent within our hearts.
I ask you ~ what will be emerging in the spring, what will your new projects look like?
May your highest visions burst forth like little snowdrop flowers making way for the full budding of spring. When I lived in Wales the first sign of Spring was seeing the Snowdrops flowers. They were always a surprise and they seemed to just pop out overnight. I was in awe of this small and mighty plant, singularly bursting forth in a myriad of conditions with so much power; in its simplistic beauty and strength never being deterred by late snows or harden ground.  The Snowdrop would never fail to burst forth in all its glory.  This makes me think no matter how difficult our challenges are we all have the potential to bring forth our creations and thrive in our own unique beauty.

Crystal Energy Sessions with Stephanie


Stones and crystals from the earth have much healing to offer us. They help us clarify and magnify our intent and reclaim the power to transform our lives. The Crystal Energy sessions I am offering embraces ancient wisdom and is a form of vibrational healing or energy medicine. Crystals are tools to help balance our vital force and bring optimum health; renewing and nourishing the mind, body and spirit. I am offering my crystal healing layouts through Storm Wisdom and Charles McAlpine's creation the Magic of Crystals ~ Crystal Energy Sessions.
If you would like to schedule an appointment with Stephanie call  480-216-4484


I will have a table at SPIRIT IN MOTION offering my Feather Smudge Fans and Medicine Crystals that are woven with the medicine of the moon cycles, the four directions, and blessed by a Hopi Medicine Woman. I will also be available for Readings. Please come by for a chat and introduce yourself. When like minds are gathered magic happens!


February 15th: The Legend of the 13 Skulls
Explore the Mystery of Crystal Skulls . . . Learn How to Work and Play with These Crystal Tools. This month we with explore the myths and legends of the 13 skulls, followed with a guided meditation to connect with the original crystal skulls.

Shamanic Journey Evening. The second Tuesday of each month 7:00 to 8:30 PM

This is offered for people with experience of shamanic journeying and also for those with no experience to learn and participate.
The shamanic journey is a method of exploring the spiritual universe, to expand your awareness and access spiritual guidance. Most shamanic journeys are taken to the sound of drumming or rattling, which encourages a state of trance and "dreaming" brain wave patterns which take us into a deeper state of being and perception. The process begins with a period of relaxation and centering. Often it feels like a dream, but you are awake and you can make conscious choices. The shamanic journey like meditation is a tool for spiritual growth. Come with your intention and with the guidance of Stephanie Phelps, she will use the slow repetitive beats of her drum to help you shift your awareness and enter into sacred time and space. $11.00



As a shamanic healer the services I offer vary from Illuminations, soul retrievals, past life clearings, guided journeys, angel and oracle readings, house clearings and blessings, spiritual counseling and mentoring, to sacred site tours in Sedona Arizona. I offer a variety of signature workshops, medicine wheel ceremony, fire ceremony, and speaking engagements.
Contact me to bring my workshops and classes to your hometown at stephanie@stephaniephelps.com  
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