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Greetings and Glad Tidings ~
Remember you are a magical being of the universe, what a gift your very presence brings. Take time to become aware of your breath and breathe into your heart giving thanks for being you and connecting with the life source of the Great Spirit and our Mother Earth, and move your attention to feel the power of your breath expanding out to touch the hearts of others.

This season give the gift of listening.  I learn the most from my own direct relationship with Source; it is through this communiqué everything has a voice; the trees, plants, clouds, water, rocks, wind, the earth and all creatures. I gain my knowledge from this direction of right relationship with all things great and small. Finding the place of stillness within is a grand gift.

Winter Solstice ~
The Winter solstice is considered one of the most powerful times of the year by many cultures around the world. The winter solstice is the time of year when your prayers and thoughts are magnified exponentially and your dreams and visions are most active.
This is the time of the North on the Medicine Wheel and is the time of the greatest inner illumination. It is the time of the ancestors who speak to us from beyond the veil and in the Dreamtime. It is up to us to go within, see the dream and to offer our songs up to the Great Spirit and dream our world into being.

I want to encourage you on this most magical time of the year to gather with your friends and family to speak the silent songs you have carried in your heart seeding the matrix for the coming year. Let's make a ripple in the unknowable informing spirit to conspire on our behalf. 

I am very excited to share the release of my new CD ~ Path of Heart


It includes two guided journeys for entering into sacred time and space, expanding your awareness and accessing spiritual guidance to find your answers for healing, inner wisdom and knowledge.

I begin with a Journey to Macchu Picchu, Peru, connecting with the Shinning Ones ~ the Rainbow People. The colors of the Rainbow are used for healing, renewal, and balancing your chakras ~ welcoming wisdom and clarity, and then returning back to current reality with all of the gifts and experiences of your journey.

The second journey I share is a Journey of the Heart -- the Breath of Heaven & Earth. This is a potent journey for moving from your ego's awareness to your soul's consciousness, basking in the glow of your expanded heart radiance and attracting the attention of your special beings and spirit guides, angels, and totem allies.

If you are interested in purchasing at $15.95 it includes shipping and handling, you can pay on my White Horse Journey PayPal account and send me your address at stephanie@stephaniephelps.com  It will be available soon on my website but for now I wanted to make it available to those who are doing their holiday shopping.


ORBS ~ What's Up!
Stephanie Phelps and Bill Graff - communicating with Orbs for over a decade
presenting extrodinary never before seen photos and lecture.

Some of you my might know of my passion around Orbs and the stunning photos I have in my personal collection, its time to share the information that has come to light our paths.
Coming soon ~ date to be announced.

Explore the Mystery of Crystal Skulls . . . Learn How to Work and Play With These Crystal Tools
Stephanie Phelps and Victoria Barna have co-created a most wonderous 6 month journey to share with you the world of Crystal Skulls

Time: 6:30p -- 8:30p
When: 3rd Wednesday of the month.
Where: Storm Wisdom, 3375 E. Shea Blvd., Phoenix, AZ
Fee: $24
Dates & Themes:
January 18th: What are Crystal Skulls?
February 15th: The Legend of the 13 Skulls
March 21st: The Power of Crystal Skulls Through Ceremony
April 18th: Choosing, Caring For and Activating Your Crystal Skull
May 16th: Working With the Guidance and Healing Powers of Crystal Skulls
June 20th: Guest Speaker

Creating Medicine Tools and Ceremonial Art

Saturday, December 10, 2011,  1 to 5 pm

This will be a day of creativity, ceremony and fun. 
I  will be sharing my knowledge and guidance at this workshop at Storm Wisdom on Shea Blvd in Phoenix, Arizona, called Creating your Personal Medicine Tool.

You do not have to be artist to enjoy and create a powerful personal medicine tool. The crafting of a medicine tool is a sacred process and every piece that makes the whole is imbued with heartfelt prayer and intention.Stephanie will take you on a journey to explore your inner most creativity, engaging in this special creation process.

When we set out to accomplish a quest or to assist others on their paths it is very helpful to have tools that guide and support us. Medicine tools can be used for energy balancing, dream work, healing and extractions, journeying and trance work, ceremonial circles, connecting with your animal totems. They can receive energy, direct and channel energy. Medicine Tools can simply be objects of beauty and creation. They can help you connect with the work spirit intended you to do. $65.00 includes all supplies; you may bring any special pieces you may want to incorporate. RSVP 480-216-4484 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            480-216-4484      end_of_the_skype_highlighting

Sunday, Dec. 11, 2011,  11:00 am - 5:00 pm Hand to Hand Holiday Event  ~ FREE
I will be offering my Medicine Crystals that are woven with the medicine of the moon cycles, the four directions, and blessed by a Hopi Medicine Woman. I will also be available for Readings. It's an opportunity to meet the fabulous folks that create many of the wonderful pieces and products, offered at Storm Wisdom.
Please come by for a chat and introduce yourself. When like minds gather that's when the magic happens!

Friday, December 16th, 2011,  6:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Meet, Meditate & Mingle at Storm Wisdom, 3375 E. Shea Blvd in Phoenix. Every Friday night we will gather for meditation and chance to connect with like-minded friends. The meditation is rotated between the Storm Wisdom Practitioners and I lead on Friday December 16th    Cost $10.00

Monthly Shamanic Journey Nights
Come join me and friends on the second Tuesday of each month for a shamanic journey.  The shamanic journey is an insightful way to expand your awareness and access spiritual guidance. It is a way of finding answers, information, healing, wisdom and knowledge. Journeying like meditation is a tool for spiritual growth. With your intention my guidance, I will use the slow repetitive beats of my drum or rattle to help you shift your awareness and enter into sacred time and space. This is offered for people with experience of shamanic journeying and also for those with no experience to come and learn and participate. Cost $11.00

You will find me at Storm Wisdom every Thursday from 1PM to 6PM. Storm Wisdom was voted best Spiritual Center by readers of Natural Awakenings Magazine.

Is it time for a personal tune-up?  Are you feeling like you need direction, or inspiration? Consider scheduling an appointment with me. I will assist you along this transformational process, providing the time and space to work with shifting and informing the energy contained within your Illuminous Energy Field. Renewing your personal path to power.  
My Services Include:
Illumination ~ this is a ancient transformational process bringing you to a place of balance with clarity and renewed vision. Releasing outdated thought forms and beliefs that keep you stuck in repeating patterns
Chakra Balancing, Clearing and Charging
-- to ensure ongoing health & wellness
Oracle Readings -- Connecting and Receiving Messages from your Guides and Angels
Personal Guided Journey -- with the healing sounds of crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, drums or rattles -- for growth, messages, direction and renewal.

To learn more about my shamanic energy healing and services offered visit

If you would like to book a session, or have questions call 480-216-4484 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            480-216-4484      end_of_the_skype_highlighting or email  stephanie@stephaniephelps.com 

Lastly, I want to share a true story about my Mother and her Fairy Godmother

My mother has a Fairy God Mother! Someone has been anonymously sending my mother one hundred dollars almost every month for over a year. My mother is 85 and has a good heart. She is a sweet, kind, good woman and has done for others her entire life. My mother has been a single mom since I was thirteen and lives on her own and is still driving! Want I want to share is that this money that comes helps her out in more ways than what I can write about, and the important part is what a powerful difference this act of kindness makes.
Each time the postman delivers one of these mysterious envelopes my mother giggles with delight and gratitude as if it is the first and the last time this event will happen. What impressed me the most was my mother's insight and declaration that she always gives a small portion of what she receives to someone in need.  I got to experience this the last time she came to visit. We were in the car and pulled off the highway to get gas and she noticed a young man walking by the side of the road. He was perhaps homeless or travelling and looked like he had seen better days; she told me to pull over to him and she started waving a 10 dollar bill out the window. Here is my 85 year old mother shouting out the window "today is your lucky day" and the young man looked surprised and unsure. The kindness in my mother's face was enough to bring him up to the side of the car. The young man was in disbelieve and said "What, you are giving away money?" You would have thought she was giving him a thousand dollars. He thanked her profusely and we saw him make a beeline to McDonalds.
The joy and laughter this brought to us was worth more than gold, and in that moment was the ripple that started with the act of giving by the Fairy Godmother. Little does the Fairy Godmother know how she has facilitated a wave of gratitude that is transforming more than just one life.
With even small acts of kindness we make a difference in the lives of others and we can make a powerful difference in the world when we carry a deep sense of gratitude and joy in our hearts. My mother's gratitude for her received gift continues to keep on giving transforming lives in small but profound ways.
I believe when we focus our thoughts on gratitude for our blessings it makes us feel energized and motivated to make a difference in the world. When we reach out to others in an effort to touch their lives in the same positive ways that we've been touched, it will fill you up with love and touches your soul. We end up creating a powerful cycle of love and gratitude that benefits all of us. By counting your blessings from a place of gratitude and sharing your joy with others today, you can create a positive difference in the lives of those around you.


As a shamanic healer the services I offer vary from Illuminations, soul retrievals, past life clearings, guided journeys, angel and oracle readings, spiritual counseling and mentoring, to sacred site tours in Sedona Arizona. I offer a variety of signature workshops, medicine wheel ceremony, fire ceremony, and speaking engagements.
Contact me to bring my workshops and classes to your hometown at stephanie@stephaniephelps.com  and I invite you to my website  www.StephaniePhelps.com

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