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Breathing Beauty


Glory, Glory to Spring

The intoxicating richness of the earth springing forth her expression of abundant Love. From a place of dormancy, to full bloom spring, begins a fresh new cycle, filled with growth, expansive thoughts, actions and manifestations.

Remembering your Past, Awakens your Future.


Mystical Ireland land of Faeries, Saints & Scholars

IRELAND ~ September 19 – 29th, 2018

I love sharing the Art of Sacred Travel, connecting to ancient sacred sites around the world. Visiting places of power and mystic where most tourists seldom visit, connecting with the guardians and ancient ones of spiritual hot spots. Not a typical tourist tour, but perhaps best called a spiritual journey, a pilgrimage; gifting your soul nourishment and allowing the time and space for personal transformation and spiritual expansion. You will feel this calling deep in your heart, and a soul group will come together to experience treasured places of power and mystery.

This September join my travel partner, soul Sistar and sacred songstress, Lia Scallon, and I for an extraordinary adventure to Ireland. Ireland is steeped in mystical lore, spirituality, history, legends, breathtaking scenery, and ancient sites where the veils between the worlds are thin. Many of the sites we visit are older than the pyramids! We offer an opportunity for real connection with the energy and people of the Emerald Isle. Visiting mystical and ancient sites is a journey through time and spirit. Lia and I hope to open doors of insight and illumination, for those who would enter them.

We have crafted an exceptional itinerary visiting some of Ireland's most important sacred sites and culturally rich destinations. Join us for adventure, mystery, surprises, and discovery with like-minded travelers, the kind of kindred spirits that help forge life-long friendships.

Take advantage of our Earlybird Special
Just 5 Weeks Left Till Our Earlybird Special Expires!
$200 Off if Fully Paid by May 14th

Read all about our Itinerary, registration, and more here

For those wishing to embark on some further adventures we are offering a fabulous 4-day Extension! This will include private access to a number of awe-inspiring, hidden gems not usually accessible to the general public, as well as visits to two more of Ireland’s ancient Royal sites.

Reservation Enquiries
Call Stephanie: 480 216 4484

$500 USD deposit secures your place (Non-Refundable)
Full Balance due by July 14th 2018

EARTH DAY ~ her beauty speaks


Mother Earth, she remembers every step you have placed upon her, she knows, remembers and records your imprint.
You are like a battery activating and synchronizing what the earth needs now…let it be elevated consciousness and sweet love, holding in your heart everyday as Earth Day.
The world is changing dramatically as humanity is called to evolve and make choices that sustain the web of life. A place to direct your passion and be pro-active could be the worlds largest environmental movement at:

New Moon

Connecting with the moon gives us pause to discern life and our steps moving forward. Contemplating the cycle of our nature and the seeds of life being tended. This new moon cycle feels like relief and a fresh start. Be clear in your intent, and welcome the Mystery.
The New Moon on Sunday April 15, 2018 at 28° Aries aligns with the planet Uranus. Within this 3 day window of energy the astrology is perfect for making changes in your life.

Mark your calendars for 3 days of fun!


Our Storm Wisdom Family is celebrating 9 years as a center for intentional living. I am happy to be part of the family for almost nine years!

Our parties rock! Come enjoy a margarita, delicious Mexican food and giveaways.

I will be featured as one of Storm Wisdom's local artist on Sunday May 6, for the local artist pop-up. Please stop by and introduce yourself; I am looking forward to seeing and meeting new and old friends.

Have a look at my new creations of shamanic jewelry made from unique pieces sourced on my travels abroad. Of course I will have a new collection of FEATHER SMUDGE FANS as well.
Smudge fans and crystals have been used since ancient times for cleansing, clearing, ceremony, prayer, and healing work. The elements I use in my creations have been placed upon my path as a gift from Spirit, and the winged ones, to create a unique inspired ceremonial tool. Spiritual guidance, energetic properties, and the flow of creativity, are the basis of each design.

Sessions with Stephanie

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Stepping up and finding your flow of grace, clarity, transition,
and effortless beauty.

I am offering a new ritual for clearing and balancing, harmony and peace. Working with the elements of our native Sonoran desert, you will be cared for with the healing powers of ancient desert Turquoise, sacred sage and essential oils on a energetic journey to benefit the mind, body and spirit.

There is the potential for more: Go to my shamanic healing page to read how I can honor your inner healer:

Appointments available Thursdays at Storm Wisdom, walk-ins welcomed based on availability. Other days and Skype sessions available by appointment.

Whistling Vessels and Cacao
I am pleased to bring forth this rare, amazing and transformative group sound healing and dream travel experience created through the sacred and ancient Peruvian Whistling Vessels, combined with the heart opener of Cacao plant medicine. Linking the heart & the mind through vibrational medicine is an expansive experience. Cacao is not psycho-active and doesn’t take you out of your body. Everyone will experience Cacao and the sounding of the whistling vessels differently.

IMG 9423
IMG 8585

Stephanie is available to facilitate custom-made Private Cacao and/or Peruvian Whistling Vessels ceremonies in your area. A private ceremony is a great way to focus on your particular need, and make a deeper connection with cacao and entheosonic sound in smaller, more intimate groups.
Request a Cacao or Whistling Vessel Experience

Next Shamanic Journey is April 26, 2018.
Place: Storm Wisdom 3375 E. Shea Blvd. Phoenix
6 to 7 PM. $10. All levels of experience are welcomed.
The repetitive beat of the drum invites you to journey, in a relaxed state, for self-exploration and communion with the energy or spirit of the universe.

feathered serpent 001

I am dreaming of my next adventure offering Sacred Travel to Palenque and Tikal, and creating meaningful ceremony in sacred places.
Part of my exploration into the sacred Maya starts with Miquel Angel Vergara: Miguel Angel is a Maya Priest and Master Teacher who lives and works in Yucatán, Mexico. He studied with Maya Elder Vincente Martín for 17 years and continues to work with the Elders and Priests who are keeping the Maya Sacred Wisdom very much alive today.
Miquel Angel is now offering:
The hidden wisdom expressed throughout this book comes to light as Miguel Angel Vergara shares his esoteric interpretation of the ancient text. With his insights and meditations you will discover the deeper spiritual significance in each passage and how it relates to your life today.
Part One is now open for registration. It is the Maya Creation Story and is a blueprint for all creation. Their story of creating Humankind gives us a picture of how they envisioned our overall purpose, which then opens us up to what could be our individual purpose in this lifetime. The hidden messages of the Popol Vuh are profound and Miguel Angel’s meditations take us as deep as we are willing to go.
The Popol Vuh Part One consists of five one hour online live sessions with Miguel Angel, one per week. If you miss a session you will be sent a video recording of it.
The total cost for the five sessions in Part One is US$250
There are two courses beginning in April, one in the morning and one in the evening.

The deeper messages found in this ancient book are coming to light at this time to help prepare us for the many challenges facing us as the Earth and Humankind evolve to a higher vibration. For more information or to register for the online course please go to: .

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Blessings to you and your sacred circles!

Love, Love, Love, from Stephanie Phelps

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