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Finding Beauty ~ Soul Mirroring Soul Wholeness

Rassouli Bringer of the Dawn

Bringer of the Dawn, By Rassouli, with permission @

August Gateways , Eclipses and Portals
The galactic waves are streaming in and soon we will be in the midst of the 8:8 Lions Gate Portal and riding the waves of the Leo Solar Eclipse on August 11th, the last in a trio of powerful eclipses, and the longest total lunar eclipse we will experience in this century.
There is a spontaneous activation taking place during this influx of cosmic energies simply because we are in it, we are part of it, and it does have an impact. Those of us who consciously participate with this light infusion are shifting into a higher frequency, a recalibration of our light-bodies, our light-libraries.

Soul Mirroring Soul Wholeness

Soul Retrieval ~ a practice that helps recover a part of your self - your energy, your passion, or your innocence - that you have lost.

With every eclipse in this triad we have been releasing, letting go and eclipsing what wanted to be eclipsed, and now we are ready for the grand finale ~ Harmony for the Soul.

Calling back our essential self, calling in our totality with more soul presence, soul light, soul love, more soul consciousness. What a momentous time for change, we have an opportunity to negate the negative and go into the future unhindered.

It is time to call back the lost soul parts, that part of self that has been broken, ignored, or buried into the subconsciousness that is ready to be returned.

Why am I being called to write about Soul Retrieval?
A recent Facebook post has shown me a critical collective picture and Spirit has guided me to put out the call for Soul Retrieval.

With the crazy powerful eclipse energy we have collectively let go of so much, stirred-up, and lifted out what wanted to go, and now our personal sacred container is ready for Resolve. Ready to retrieve or bring back what was wounded and restore its original power and radiance.

Brothers and Sisters, our journey can be mended at the soul level, and a new story written. Restoring what was lost, your her/history doesn't have to be painful, in fact, you are turning your sources of pain into personal power. Restoring a part of your essence, returning that fragmented, lost self from something that once was, into a place of power and true freedom.

I will guide you into the timelessness of the Soul and heal, restore, and connect with your souls calling. Embarking on a journey to retrieve and reintegrate aspects of soul.

If you feel the calling for a Soul Retrieval, please know, it is an honor to do this work on your behalf. I work with new-but-ancient ways, committed to shamanic service and the sacred web of life.
To book a Soul Retrieval or private session contact:

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Personal & Group Retreats

I am a passionate guide and creator of spiritual travel and sacred journeys.

I invite you to make an extraordinary journey to one of the most powerful spiritual centers of the world, SEDONA, ARIZONA, where the majestic red rock Sedona Vortexes, transform and assist in our conscious evolution.

Connecting with the heartbeat of Mother Earth, in the warmth of the high desert sun, and the stunning red rocks are the perfect environment to recharge body, mind, and soul.

There is so much more to Sedona, Arizona than the energy vortices, let me guide you through a labyrinth of ancient sites, medicine wheels, art galleries and more.

For heart-led sacred ceremonies, retreats, and customized experiences:

Lia eclispe ceremony

Artwork: Brian Exton


Those of you who feel called to join in ceremony over the final eclipse of the 'Triple Eclipse Tsunami' which takes place on August 11/12/13th, please visit my White Horse Journeys Facebook page.
Know our ceremonies are as important as the ones that went before us. When we work with ceremony we are engaging with the process of informing the mysteries. It is about relationship, we become a partner rather than being at the effect of something beyond us.

Remember ~ We are the Ones we have been waiting for.


Thank you, my friends, for making a difference in my life and the lives of others.

Blessings to you and your sacred circles!

Love, Love, Love, from Stephanie Phelps

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