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There is something in the air and it feels different. I believe all the visions, promises, and ideas for our future are coming into the hearts and min

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There is something in the air and it feels different. I believe all the visions, promises, and ideas for our future are coming into the hearts and minds of a broader spectrum of humanity. There is a global awakening of reverence for life and possibilities. We are collectively coming together to celebrate life and to honor the sacred relationship that can exist between humanity, the environment, the animals, plants and all living things to make a difference. It feels like the golden promise has been born. Yes, there will always be the struggles and we sometimes strive to find the silver lining, but do believe we are making a difference through our thoughts, words, actions and perseverance. Using the power of your heart to apply your compassion, wisdom, and grace to co-create a better world, I celebrate you with Love, from Stephanie

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Mexico 2016 - A Journey of Love:

It is with great excitement I offer this opportunity to travel to the temples, pyramids, and the secret places beyond sightseeing, connecting heat to heart , soul to soul, with the ancient memories and history left imbued in the land , stones, and living legends of the Maya.
There’s just a few days to go now to the Earlybird cut-off deadline for Our ‘Journey of Love’ pilgrimage to the Temples of the Ancient Maya in March 2016! To avail of the generous $200 discount, you will need to register with your deposit by October 1st 2015. (Final payment is not due till January 5th) You can read all about it at and register at

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Private Shamanic Journeys in Sedona Arizona

1, 2, and 3-day custom designed experiences.
Making a special journey with intuitive spiritual guide Stephanie Phelps to one of the most powerful spiritual centers of the world, magical, mystical Sedona, offers opportunities for personal discovery and inspiration.

Stephanie’s gentle guidance will lead you deeper into knowing your true awakened spirit, with possibilities to experience: vortex energies, connecting with earth wisdom, petroglyphs and ancient cliff dwellings, meditations, drumming, ceremonial circles and optional sweat lodge ceremony. Through various teachings, experiential work, and energetic healing traditions you may experience the process of spiritual awakening, expansion, healing and transformation.
White Horse Journeys offers group retreats, personalized private retreats, and one day vision quest. Stephanie will work with you to create a memorable and life changing experience based on your interests, needs, budget, time, desires and intentions.
Walk a Path of Heart with Stephanie Phelps as your personal mentor and spiritual guide. Let’s create a custom package for you with a free consultation to define your intentions, desires, and goals. A full day in Sedona $275.00.
If you would like more information or to make a booking please contact White Horse Journeys at:

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The 2015 July Mt Shasta Experience was Awesome!
What a beautiful group of evolved souls I was blessed to take on this journey. We shared a transformational experience to the mystical mountain, sacred sites, and had a joyful journey of self-discovery in nature’s schoolhouse.

Here is what they are saying:
The journey to Mt. Shasta was a beautifully designed 5-day trip to explore the sacred mountain within and without! Every morning began in crystal clear fresh air and a morning exercise. Each day an element of earth, water, air, or fire was emphasized and used for deeper meditation. Every aspect of the excursion was connected to the land and its spirit. This combined with the magic of Mt. Shasta was exponentially a powerful sacred experience. The most incredible part was the unexpected experiences that emerged for each individual guiding them to a greater understanding of the mysteries of life. Thank you Stephanie! D. Winchester
From the moment I step off the plane in Oregon, I was met with love from Stephanie. Everything she does, she does it through the love for her work. The planning and work she puts into her retreats is done with integrity and joy. I had an amazing time. I was fed spirituality and physical from the start to the day I left. I would go on any retreats she creates. She does amazing work. Lucilia B.

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Natural Choice Award Winners
The results came in for the Natural Choice Award Winners and I have been voted this year’s Best Energy Healer and Meditation Leader for the Phoenix Natural Choice Awards 2015.
A big heart felt thank you to all, and for taking the time to cast your for vote for me.This acknowledgement fills my heart with gratitude and puts the winds in my sails going forward.

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I feel it is an honor and a privilege to be part of the Storm Wisdom team and to have Storm Wisdom as the foundation from where I am able to share my work. Storm Wisdom’s motto is “Your Center for Intentional Living! Visit, Shop, Experience, Learn and Explore! We’re here for you!”

I am available for Intuitive Guidance / Energy Sessions at Storm Wisdom on Mondays & Wednesdays.
Stephanie’s Spiritual Consulting and Energy Sessions offer clarity, healing, change and transformation.“My desire is that a person will experience true freedom as their luminous energy body comes into a new state of health, vitality and harmony; and a shift will occur helping you to remember more of the truth in your soul and the magnificence of your full potential.”
To schedule a consultation/appointments contact
Testimonial ~ I am writing this review in hopes that someone will read this and be uplifted knowing that there is someone that can help them through their rough time.
I was struggling for about 7 months going through what they call the Dark Night Of the Soul which is a time of extreme mental, physical, and emotional purification. I was broken down to nothing shattering my ego and identity sending me through long bouts of crying, extreme lack of energy, seeing spirits and being ungrounded just to name a few.
I was guided to and found Stephanie. During our session together she was extremely kind and warm as well as very intuitive and insightful into a lot of things. During the chakra balancing and extraction it was a very powerful and moving experience which could be felt through my mind, body, and spirit and at the end she gave me an illumination. Words can not describe how comforting and energizing the illumination was. It left me with a sense of well being, energy and relief as well as hope. It gave me just the boost that I needed in order to move through this hard time. I visited her one more time for another session to receive healing, help and guidance. Stephanie is a humble and powerful healer who works from a place of love and I am forever grateful for her presence coming into my life when I needed a helping hand. K.W.

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Explore, play, activate, and meditate with crystal skulls on the fourth Friday of each month with Stephanie Phelps at Storm Wisdom.

These powerful tools help access and open portals; amplify connections to greater awareness; bring healing, insights and information.
The fourth Friday of every month will be about exploring the energies of Crystal Skulls. These powerful tools help access and open portals, amplify connections to greater awareness and bring healing and insights. For this monthly interactive, experiential evening you are invited to bring your crystals and/or crystal skulls, though it is not a requirement. We will connect with the energetic frequencies of the crystalline grid we create together and we will access the expanded awareness the Crystal Skulls offer to us in meditation.
6 -7 PM $10.
Our Location: 3375 E Shea Blvd., Suite A-1
Phoenix, AZ 85028


Come join us on the second Tuesday of each month for our Shamanic Journey Night at Storm Wisdom
The Shamanic Journey is an insightful way to expand your awareness and access spiritual guidance directly from yourself. It is a way of finding answers, information, healing, wisdom and knowledge.
Journeying, like meditation, is a tool for spiritual growth. With your intention and the guidance of Stephanie Phelps, she will use the slow repetitive beats of her drum to help you shift your awareness and enter into sacred time and space. This is offered for people with experience of shamanic journeying and also for those with no experience to learn and participate.
Testimonial ~ What a beautiful evening, beautiful journeying, beautiful vibrations, beautiful images, just beautiful. You introduced the evening by saying we are going to do something a little different this evening. Interesting that is always the case. Each session is always new, different, profound, meaningful, sensitive, beautiful, spiritual and special. Tonight was special ..and what makes it so special – your profound depth as you so gently and naturally reach deep inside you to explain, to elucidate various aspects of our journey, of our process, background information, meaning, that so naturally flows from your being – all that you bring to our sessions, it is just there, your sharing flows with ease, with knowing and above all with grace. You continue to enrich my spiritual life, my being, I am deeply grateful. LS
7- 8:30 PM $15.
Our Location: 3375 E Shea Blvd., Suite A-1
Phoenix, AZ 85028

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Update on our Whistling Vessels

I spoke with Don last week and he suggested I place the order for our whistling vessels as it will takes months to create and complete the process. We have raised $1,103 of $1,600 needed through GoFundMe. It is with most wondrous reverence I applaud all the contributors and those who are holding this sacred vision. If you would like to contribute here is the link:
"Entheosonic Whistling Vessels are transformation tools using the inherent power of sound to unlock our creative powers. The universal and sacred language of sounds produced by the vessels is used as a doorway to synchronize acoustic resonance with Gaia, our mother earth" ~ Denis Casarsa
To learn more about Peruvian Whistles and the Maker Don Wright:

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I don’t often include testimonials but this month with the awards received I felt honored to do so. It gives me great joy to receive your letters, comments and testimonials, and I keep everyone of them in my gratitude book. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Joyful Blessings to you and all in your sacred circle.
Stephanie Phelps

Contact Stephanie Phelps to bring her workshops, ceremony, and private sessions to your group. 489 216 4484

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