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Gathering of like Mind and Heart

November 2014           

Embrace the quiet moments, breathe, reflect, integrate your stories and expand the presence of your being.


I would like to express my gratitude to each and everyone one of you for sharing who you are, your kindness and friendship, for the gentle smiles, bear hug embraces, sweet tender moments and supporting my work. I am grateful. I cherish each new day and the people in it giving thanks to Great Spirit for abundant blessings.

Casa Blanca Estates Holiday Boutique 

Eat, drink, shop, and be merry! I am so excited to offer my new collection of nature spirits and feather smudge fans at the Casa Blanca Estates Holiday Boutique. Come by for a little merry, merry and retail therapy.

The holidays are upon us, which means the shopping season has begun. Let us help you cross everyone on your list off early so you can enjoy all the holidays have to offer, from apple picking and cookie decorating, to caroling and Christmas light gazing.

Grab a friend and come spend your morning sipping champagne and shopping 20 of the valleys top artisan vendors.

Flora Apothecary, White Horse Journeys, Flipped Bird, 5 Two 3, Tuberty Designs, Soul Carrier, Sewlita, , Olive and Boone Custom Millinery, Roots Farm Studio, B. Belle Couture, Dos Fannies, Bicyclette, Winifred Street - Message Art by Terry Parvan, Eclectic Suzy, Elodee Headbands, My Grandma Made It, Pure Life Jewelry, Mame Soy Candles, Handwritten Phoenix, MILLIANNA Jewelry

Thank you to our host, Theresa Crotty for hosting this wonderful holiday shopping affair.

Nature Spirits.

Feather Smudge & Prayer Fans


World Crystal Skull Day 

Stephanie Phelps with her favorite crystalline beings Oracle and Veta



Crystal Skull World Day Invitation  

“We joyfully invite all crystal skull guardians and crystal keepers across the globe to link up in a five minute ceremony. Each participant will join in the ceremony while holding one of their crystal skulls or crystals to send out a loving, healing energy to the planet. This could be done alone, or in a group, perhaps at a sacred site or in nature. If you don’t have access to a crystal skull, you can hold a special piece of crystal instead while focusing on an image of a crystal skull. This event will celebrate the healing and peaceful energies contained within all the crystal skulls that exist in the world, whether newly carved, old or ancient; in public view or hidden."

Read more about CSWD  

Stephanie & Oracle, the Crystal Skull are happy to support Crystal Skull World Day and ask you to join us energetically for another opportunity to raise and deepen the vibration of Peace and Healing for ALL on our planet Earth and beyond. 

I will be in Sedona to participate in  ceremony for WCSD. Those who feel the call can join energetically with the big event or participate in any of the events being held in and around your area.


In September I received certificates stating I have been named a winner in the 2014 Natural Choice Awards!  Sponsored by Natural Awakening Magazine AZ, the Natural Choice Awards gives readers the opportunity to select the individuals and businesses across the Valley each year that deserve recognition for their efforts in health and wellness, and green living.

I won the 2014 Natural Choice Award for Best Meditation Leader and a second for Best Energy Healer. I feel honored for your vote of confidence, a big heartfelt thank you to all, it means a lot to me.

Storm Wisdom is also a winner, Best in the Valley for Spiritual Center and Best Enlightened Books/Gifts. I feel very fortunate to share my work from  Storm Wisdom along side Charles, Gisela, Victoria and Millie.Together we co-create and support a center for intentional living and well-being.

Thank you to the wonderful group that gathered for The Medicine Shield Workshop and Fire Ceremony


Here are a couple of the Shields that were created. Shields of power and purpose were birth on that day.


It was a wonderful group that gathered for The Medicine Shield Workshop. We shared a day ceremony and creation. In the creative process our Medicine Shields spoke of the inner truths as well as the outer personalities of their makers. Shields are healing tools, and they carry potent medicine and can be a source of protection, comfort and connection to oneself and the world.

White Horse Journeys Path of Heart

 Stephanie offers both group retreats and personalized private retreats created just for you, or you and your guest, or your family. I will work with you to completely customize your retreat based on your interests, needs, budget, time, desires and intentions. 

My intuitive guidance will open doorways to rediscovering the essential self,  honoring the body, mind, and spirit, gently guiding you to access the wisdom of your heart.  Expand your innate gifts of knowing allowing for ongoing movement of your consciousness.

Stephanie offers internationally as well as local workshops, ceremony, and healing sessions for your groups or organizations.


If you would like to book at session or have questions please call 480-216-4484 or send an email to 

To learn more about my energy healing and services offered visit

Shamanic Journeys offered on the Second Tuesday of each month Storm Wisdom 3375 E Shea Blvd. PHX, AZ. 85028. 7-8:30 PM $15.00

Joyful Blessings to you and all in you sacred circle.

Namaste, Stephanie



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 Stephanie Phelps is a respected intuitive spiritual guide, shamanic healer, teacher and ceremonialist who is deeply devoted to Earth Wisdom and the Medicine Way. Her passion is to bridge heaven and earth, to inspire and assist people on their path in the form of workshops, ceremonies, personal energy sessions and sacred tours.

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