Stephanie Phelps White Horse Journeys May / June 2013

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Gathering of Like Mind and Heart with Stephanie Phelps

May / June 2013             

On this Mother’s Day

I am honoring all mothers everywhere including our great Mother Earth.

With the love I feel in my heart I invoke more Grace; the cosmic flow of love, compassion, knowing, understanding, and timing to make a difference in our view of the world as mothers.


The Idyllwild Retreat was an exceptional journey. Thank you to all who participated and contributed in making it a transformational and magical weekend.

"Stephanie is not only a gifted healer but a powerful guide. She thoughtfully designed the activities throughout the retreat to cultivate the most transformational experiences. The retreat was inspirational and life-changing. Thank you!" SH

One of the activities we engaged was the creative act of casting a mask of our face. A mask is a compelling and powerful vehicle for transformation allowing you to connect with the expression of an energy that is larger than yourself. The Mask has had a significant role throughout human civilization as a portal into the great mysteries of life and consciousness.

New Moon solar eclipse on May 9-10th  ~ Eclipses mark times of cosmic redirection and energy shifts.

This Taurus solar eclipse marks a new beginning. It is a Super New Moon which means it is a super seeding point. Your intentions will carry an acceleration factor with this eclipse energy. You are seeding your hopes, dreams and goals into fertile ground. It is the energy of building and making of new possibilities and passions.

Remember you are informing the mysteries as much as they inform you. It’s up to you to make a conscious connection to expand the possible.

San Diego California ~ workshops & private sessions

June 25 -28, 2013


Join me in San Diego for ceremony, shamanic journeys, circles, and private sessions. Call 480-216-4484 for more information and appointments.

Shamanic Journey Evening ~ Tuesdays at Storm Wisdom, 7:00 PM.

May 07, June 11, July 09, August 13

Place: Storm Wisdom 3375 E Shea Blvd. PHX AZ. 85028. Cost $15.00

I look forward each month to sharing this evening with friends and our growing community.

The Shamanic Journey is an insightful way to expand your awareness and access spiritual guidance. Journeying like meditation is a tool for spiritual growth. I will use the slow repetitive beats of my drum or rattle to help you shift your awareness and enter into sacred time and space. Each month we have a different intention or a guided visualization.

This is offered to people with experience of shamanic journeying and for those with no experience to learn and participate

 ~ I wanted to take the time to thank you for gifting me the the opportunity to attend your Shamanic Journey last night. I am not a fan of Native American drumming, I almost passed out during a soul retrieval where the background music was drumming. I was sweating and hyperventilating. I am also not a fan of group meditation. Again, a very bad experience. BUT...last night I felt so safe with you. Safe to let go. Your skill at guiding a meditation and keeping you attendees safely connected to you is beyond any facilitator I have yet to experience. And the work that you helped us do was so profound, I literally feel like a new person. I actually woke up happy this morning, ready to go! That in its self is a miracle to me.                                                                                              

I would attend another event with you in a heartbeat! And I would recommend you to anyone! Thank you for sharing the Grandmothers with me, and thank you again for this wonderful experience! Millie . 

Crystal Skull Play Date ~ at Storm Wisdom

May 15th 7:00 PM. $15.00

It seems everyone has a story when it comes to crystal skulls; lets share our stories, activate, and connect with the energies of these crystalline instruments.

For this monthly interactive, experiential evening you are invited to bring your crystals and/or crystal skulls, though it is not a requirement. Let’s get to know our crystal skulls and create a community to gather and share how to work with these amazing crystal beings.

In the photos (2011 Worlds Mysteries Conference) are, Jane Doherty and Joke Van Dietan, as soon as they saw my crystal skull they reached out to hold Oracle, my 9lb 3oz rose quartz skull.

Friday Night Meditations

Meet, Meditate & Mingle at Storm Wisdom, 3375 E. Shea Blvd in Phoenix.

June 7th. Fee $10.00

Every Friday night we will gather for meditation and chance to connect with like-minded friends. The meditation is rotated between the Storm Wisdom Practitioners. Here are my up-coming dates: June 7th, July 26th. 6:00-7:00 p.m.

Spiritual Consulting and Energy Sessions

Sessions with Stephanie offer clarity, healing, change and transformation.

Energy Work, Illuminations, Oracle Readings, Soul Retrievals, Chakra Clearing & Balancing, Past Life Resolve, Energetic Removal of Emotional Obstacles, Crystal Layouts, Journeys & Meditations, Mentoring.

Walk in appointments available Thursdays from 1pm – 6pm

30 min $60 | 60 min $100 | 90 min $150

Available other days by appointment.

Long distance appointments by phone or Skype.

By Appointment call 480-216-4484 or email

Recommended Resources:

I am often asked to recommend referrals and wanted to share some of my favorites below:

Custom Elixirs: Daphne Montouri,

Naturopath: Dr. Katka Novakova,

Numerology & Human Design: Gisela Arenas, 480.831.1655

Graphic Art and Author Support: Michelle Radomski, 623.388.4736

Joyful Blessings to you and all in you sacred circle.

Namaste, Stephanie


Bring Stephanie Phelps Intuitive Spiritual Guide, Healer, Teacher, and Ceremonialist to your hometown. Offering experiences through sacred journeys, workshops, ceremonies, and private sessions to empower each individual on their sacred path.


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