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Celebrating Spring in Ceremony

 March, 2012           


Celebrating Spring in Ceremony
with Stephanie Phelps
Join us at the Boulder House on Sunday, March 25, 2012

Celebrating Spring and the Blooming of a New Earth.

On sacred land with the sounds of the flute, didgeridoo and Stephanie’s lead, together we will create sacred ceremony and a powerful energy field of love, expansion, and renewal. Sharing our prayers for all living things, Mother Earth and Great Spirit, heralding the dawning of a new way.

Stephanie Phelps ~ Intuitive spiritual guide and ceremonialist who is deeply connected to Earth Wisdom, the Medicine Way and teaches a Path of Heart. She is recognized for her passion and inspiration in bridging Heaven and Earth through community and sacred ceremony. Teaching people to reconnect to the rhythms and cycles of nature through the earth, stars, sun, moon and the elements, Stephanie is a sought-after guide, shamanic practitioner, and medicine wheel keeper. Stephanie has lived among the natives and received teachings and rites of initiation and passage from tribal elders, shamans and Native Americans from around the globe.

Bobbie (NaaWo) Martinez ~A Native American flute player from the Jicarilla Apache and Picuris Pueblo Nations grew up in a Mestizo(Spanish/Native American) family, allowing him to experience Art, Music and Native American Spirituality. His music is a reflection of his rich heritage, life experience and Spiritual path. Bobbie uses his music as a healing tool, allowing the simplicity and beauty of the Native American Flute to bring peace and harmony into its listeners. Bobbie decided it was time to start sharing his love for music 2 years ago, you can find him at the Ritz Carlton in Tucson, private events, healing/self-help conferences and fund raisers for non-profits.

Phil Blank~ He started playing the didgeridoo about 3.5 years ago shortly after receiving a didg blessing. The blessing was so impactful that Phil knew that he had to give this experience to others. He plays primarily with the intention to be a blessing and an amplifier of whatever positive, loving and healing energy is needed at the time.

The Boulder House opens at 3:30 with an open Labyrinth walk before the ceremony which begins at 4:30 Pm. Bring your rattles, drums, and a dish to share for the potluck after the ceremony. $20 suggested donation

To RSVP reply to Stephanie Phelps at . 480-473-7994 Tell your friends and All are welcome


House Blessings and Clearings


House Clearing & Blessing

Spring is here and with the season of spring comes new growth, new beginnings, and making way for the birth of new projects and ideas. This could be an opportunity to consider a little spiritual housekeeping. Have you ever thought about having a house clearing and blessing? This is a good time for a spring clearing be it your home or your spiritual body.

The benefits are huge when we clear out the old heavy dense energies and bring in the new lighter, happier, joyful energy of a clear environment. Sometimes we have lived in the muck and mire for so long we have forgotten what it feels like to move, work, think, and play in a spiritually clean environment and a balanced body.

A house clearing and blessing makes way for better relationships, clearer thinking, better sleep, and a healthier environment, one worth coming home too. Perhaps it will give you the inspiration for starting new projects and getting back on track with personal relationships. The same holds true for your physicality, be it the spiritual, physical, mental and emotional body. For chakra clearing and balancing I will track and clear any dense energy within your field and illuminate the chakras to bring them into balance.

House clearing and blessings and take about 1 ½ hours and cost $150.00. Personal chakra clearing and balancing takes about an hour and the cost is $100.00




Dreaming and Journeying is when you leave your consciousness to explore the totality of who you are. This month for our shamanic journey evening we will journey with Dreaming Bear, guardian of the west gate on the Medicine Wheel. The west is the home of the sacred dream, death, rebirth, and transformation. We will explore the landscape of the sacred dreamtime, the place where you can access all the answers for yourself. From here your intent is born. Then we emerge after a long winter of hibernation ready for new beginnings.

Location: Storm Wisdom, 3375 E. Shea Blvd. Phoenix, 85028

Time: Tuesday, March 13, 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm repeats every second Tuesday of each month.



The World of Crystal Skulls was something in the past I could of care less about and in fact have to admit I had a strong aversion until I came in contact with the Michell-Hedges crystal skull in 2008 at the Seeking Global Consciousness Conference. I thought crystal skulls were just weird and creepy. It's not a wonder because the skull has long been a symbol of death and dying, poisons, pirates; all having negative connotations instilling fear. However, I learned that in many societies the skull is a symbol of wisdom and knowledge. Crystals carved into the shape of the human skull are considered stores house of information, and are perhaps one of the best tools to awaken, activate and stimulate our awareness. Every crystal skull is a doorway into the collective crystal skull fields ~ they align with earth energies and they tap into the collective crystal skull field with all the other skulls ancient, old and modern.

I have been reluctant to come out of the closet with the skulls because I didn't know how people would react and I remember how I use to feel about them. Especially after one of my dearest friends said: "Stephanie I can understand most of your work but I just don't, and can't go there with this crystal skull thing".

I am here to share with you that there is much more than what meets the eye with these extraordinary high vibrational crystal tools of healing and vision. It's a fascinating journey and one that I invite you to explore with me on the third Wednesday of each month at Storm Wisdom.

When I first started my journey with the crystal skulls I wrote an article for titled The Dreamer it shares some of my experience and you might find it interesting to read by clicking the link:

"In the depth of your hopes and desires lies your silent knowledge of the beyond;

And like seeds dreaming beneath the snow your heart dreams of spring.

Trust the dreams, for in them is a hidden gate to eternity."

- Kahlil Gibran



With each breath you take empower your dreams and visions with passion and deep reverence for life. ~
Namaste, Stephanie Phelps Share my newsltter with friends and have them go to my website to subscribe Go to my page and "like it" its where I post my most current events My most recent posting is about Sacred Sites~Doorways into the Mysteries

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