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Rabbit has a message for you Life may feel like its changing & fluctuating between stillness & what feels motionless, but progress will happen in lea

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Rabbit has a message for you


Life may feel like its changing & fluctuating between stillness & what feels motionless, but progress will happen in leaps & bounds. So, let the seeds of light you have been planting bloom with inspiration and insights rekindling the awakening of your soul’s gifts. And eat more vegetables!


My favorite photo of the crystal and stone medicine wheel I co-created with Spirit, 1999.

Years of ceremonies honoring celestial happenings such as Equinox, Solstice, New/Full moon ceremony, Stargate and Portal openings, sacred ceremonies with song, dance and medicine people all witnessed in Stephanie’s signature energy portal.

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Ceremony with Uqualla  Linda Stephanie-106
Medicine Wheel ceremony

I love Spring and everything is symbolizes.
March is my favorite month of the year. I am highlighting my healing work this month as Storm Wisdom, a center for intentional living were I do my work, is celebrating its teachers, facilitators, channels and instructors for our 8th anniversary and have decide to continue the theme.

I have been blessed to learn from many gifted teachers, shamans, and medicine people over the years after having a spontaneous shamanic awakening. It has been almost 20 years of sharing sacred space and ceremony that I am reminiscing on my spiritual journey that started in earnest in 1986.

My Work
Having traveled extensively I have worked and studied with people from many cultures. I have been enlightened by the indigenous teachers and medicine people from Papua New Guinea, Peru, Mexico, Wales, and the Native Southwestern United States. Spirit called me to a path that has been blessed, one filled with magic and a continuous flow of synchronicities.

In showcasing their teachers Storm Wisdom asked us to answer a few questions to provide our clientele with a little insight. In continuing the theme I am sharing my answers:

Why do you do what you do?
"My passion is sharing my love, visions and teachings, helping others to recognize their own divinity and use their gifts. Sharing the power of the heart to apply compassion, wisdom, and grace to co-create a better world. There is nothing better than tapping into the magic and miracles of life to experience the mystery."

What (or who) is the inspiration for the work you do?
“Nature has always been my greatest inspiration and teacher.
I have had my most profound experiences when I go into that silent place within and connect with our Mother Earth and the Great Spirit. The veils of separation are lifted from my consciousness. I have learned the language of the Earth and all of Nature is God waiting to be heard. This is the remembering that connects me back to my essence. I listen and pay attention to the subtle energies at work which allow me to touch into an intangible realm and the life force energy in all things.”

How would you describe a typical session with you?
“Each session is unique to the individual and their specific needs or desires. It is important to me that an individual is seen, heard, honored and respected in a safe, nurturing and loving environment. As a intuitive shamanic healer I work with the seen and the unseen realms allowing for spirit to guide and direct the session for healing to take place.”

What is your deepest desire for someone to walk away with after a session with you?
“That a person will experience true freedom as their luminous energy body comes into a new state of health, vitality and harmony. That a shift will occur and they will know the magnificence of possibility and the truth of their divinity. As a teacher and energetic healer my hope is to offer inspiration, vibrational medicine, and tools to guide and elevate individuals on their path transforming their lives and quality of living.”

Is there anything new that you are offering?
“Yes, I am very excited about the Peruvian whistling vessels, cacao ceremonies and more sacred travel abroad.
I feel in the new paradigm, which we are now living, I want to offer new ways to our community to expand our evolutionary process as a species. It has been a vision of mine to offer the sacred cacao ceremony in conjunction with the whistling vessels. I see and feel it is a most wondrous combination for connecting the heart with the mind, and the mind with the heart. The whistling vessels brings new medicine. There are no preconceived ideas, philosophical, or religious permissions, or meanings that come with the whistling vessels. It is a pure experience in the present moment, as is the ancient Cacao Experience.”

What do you enjoy doing when not facilitating classes?
"Exploring sacred sites, travel, creating art be it as simple as arranging beautiful flowers in a vase, to crafting, painting, writing, and being with my family.

Favorite Quote?
"'The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift' ~ Albert Einstein"

Stephanie's private sessions are available by appointment and every Thursday at Storm Wisdom. Call 480 216 4484 or email:

To learn about the types of services offered visit Energy Healing:
Stephanie Phelps services

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Heal Your Home Summit with Lisa Scannell


I have been asked by Lisa Scannell to join her in her online event, Heal Your Home: Align your home's energy to increase your blessings of love, health & happiness!

As an Interior Designer for more than 38 years, Lisa Scannell is an expert on transforming homes to personal sanctuaries. Combining her professional career with her passion of helping others heal their home energy, she hopes that this summit will create more peace, love and light in the lives of others.

Starting April 17, learn how to unlock and unleash positive energy into your home with the free Heal Your Home summit. Join Lisa as she interviews me and other experts in like-minded fields on various topics that will help you to transform the energy within your home. I would love to share my message with you, and I believe that you will benefit immensely from all the speakers' messages.

I know you will gain so much from the daily interviews! I can't wait for you to enjoy the new energy that you create in your home after you hear these interviews.

Click here for your FREE ticket to the Heal Your Home summit:

Sacred Travel and Teachings in the Maya Lands

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Join Stephanie Phelps November 11 – 20, 2017 in the lands of the Maya

The Halach Uinik is a man or woman who is in complete balance, fulfilling their total potential in both the spiritual and physical worlds. It is a gift from the Ancient Maya as a guide to living the Prophecy of the Sixth Sun: “The Return of the Wise Men and Women”. It is said they would come at a time of crisis, when they are most needed. These wise men and women are you and me, all the men and women who are awakening to their true, authentic selves.

The training is experiential and takes place in the sacred Maya sites which hold the same energy encountered by the Halach Uiniks of ancient times. This year’s training is set in the magical Maya sites of Campeche, Mexico. Miguel Angel Vergara’s vast knowledge of Maya spirituality, along with his deep connection to the Maya Masters of Light, bring the ancient teachings into the present moment to address the needs of today. His heart centered teachings, meditations, and ceremonies will touch your soul and release your spirit.

There are three parts to the Halach Uinik Training: Transmutation, Transformation, and Realization. The journey will include teachings from all three with the focus this year on Transformation. It is designed to help you recognize the wise men and women you are becoming and give you the tools to meet the challenges of today. Becoming a Halach Uinik promises to bring you to an amazing new level of achievement in all aspects of your life.

For the full itinerary, prices and registration information visit:


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Sedona Day Trip ~ walking a Path of Heart
May 3, 2017
Spend a magical day in the powerful, sacred land of Sedona with Stephanie Phelps as your personal Intuitive Spiritual guide. Stephanie will create a special day to experience vortex energies and receive guidance, inspiration with deep connection and presence for the mind, body and spirit. This will be a day of self discovery, ancient cultures, and earth wisdom enjoyed with a small intimate group of fellow seekers. Full day in Sedona is $225.00 for all the details or to RSVP: or 480-216-4484

Custom Sedona Experiences
Let’s create a private all day experience just for you in one of the most powerful spiritual centers in the world, Sedona Arizona. This includes a free consultation to define your hopes, wishes, and goals for your Sedona Experience.
Stephanie@stephaniephelps.comor call 480 216-4484

Monthly Classes

Second Tuesday of every Month Shamanic Journey
Come with your intentions and journey deep with the resonate sound of the Mother Drum. Meet your Spirit guides, seek answers, perhaps receive healing or touch into the unknowable. Journeying like meditation is a tool for spiritual growth. It is an insightful way to expand your awareness and access spiritual guidance. For newbies and old timers.
Storm Wisdom 3375 E. Shea Blvd. Phoenix
7 - 8:30 PM $15.

Fourth Friday of every Month Crystal Meditation
Explore the crystalline family of multifaceted, high frequency Crystals & Crystal Skulls. We will make a crystal grid and connect to the etheric network of the crystal skulls to receive the transmission of vibration frequencies and messages.
Storm Wisdom 3375 E. Shea Blvd. Phoenix 6 - 7 PM $10.

Pass the Talking stick


Lin Bell, is a kinesiologist, healer and intuitive. She began Sacred Travels to share life-changing spiritual tours with others seeking deeper connection with sacred sites.
I met Lin in Mt Shasta and we shared some very special adventures on the mountain. I am very honored Lin has invited me to be a guide for her Sacred Tours in Sedona, Grand Canyon, Hopi and Mt Shasta.
Sacred Travels also offer tours/journeys to Hawaii, UK, Bryon Bay Australia. For more information and her newsletter visit: Sacred Travels

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Changing Sky is hosting Open House weekends from May- August. If you are looking for an amazing place to host your next retreat/workshop visit Changing Sky at:

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