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Stephanie Phelps Newsletter

Gathering of Like Mind and Heart

March 2013            

Creation and Expression

Spring is the time for new beginnings, being on the cusp of new things, letting go of what was, welcoming what is, and what is yet to come. On the first day of spring may the freshness of a new day dawn from within the heart with the renewal and rebirth of Nature herself.

Sedona Outing

Join this experimental outing to the Valley of the Skulls in Sedona Arizona. We will explore the world of the crystalline skulls and earth energies. There will be a easy hike into the Valley of the Skulls for an activation ceremony, which will be followed with meditation at the home of world renowned crystal skull researcher, author, and scientist, Japp Van Etten Ph.D., and holistic energy healer, Jeannie Van Etten. Let us experience together the energy of their crystal skull grid of over 250 crystal skulls, some ancient and very old ones as well as contemporary.

Saturday March 09, 2013. Departing Phoenix at 8:30 AM

Cost: $85.00

For more information and to RSVP: or 480-216-4484

Idyllwild Retreat

Phoenix to Idyllwild, California

April 25 -28, 2013.  Thursday – Sunday

 Rarely do I have the opportunity to share Idyllwild let alone with lodging at the charming historical cottage Strawberry Corner. I love being in the tall pines and sweet cedars, along with sharing the flora and fauna, while tapping into the rich Native American culture of Mt. San Jacinto. I want to invite you to join me for a magical four days.

Experience the Magic…

~ earth wisdom, talking circles, dreaming & journeying, ceremonies, hiking, picnics, drumming circles, enjoying relaxation and connecting with the feminine.

~ expand your awareness, facilitate healing, and open your awareness in the settings of sacred sites as well as places of power know only to the locals.

~ this is a rare opportunity to explore the Blythe intaglios, one of the unresolved mysteries of modern archeology, a piece of history persevered in the desert on a mesa in the Maria Mountains.

~ we will walk the path of the ancient ones to a monolithic fertility site, thus, activating the dreams and inspirations gestating within you.

~ create your own singing rattle, including its consecration and empowerment.

~ gift yourself this time of renewal and rejuvenation while embracing true potential.

This is a very special retreat and is offered at an exceptional price of $695.00.

For more information and to RSVP: or 480-216-4484

Monthly Shamanic Journey Night

The Shamanic Journey is an insightful way to expand your awareness and access spiritual guidance. It is a way of finding answers, information, healing, wisdom and knowledge. Journeying like meditation is a tool for spiritual growth. With your intention and my guidance I will use the slow repetitive beats of my drum to help you shift your awareness and enter into sacred time and space.

Tuesday, March 05, 2013, 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Place: Storm Wisdom, 3375 Shea Blvd. PHX

Cost: $15

Dates for Shamanic Journey: March 05, April 09, May 07, June 11

House Clearing & Blessing

Spring is almost here and with the season of spring comes new growth, new beginnings, and making way for the birth of new projects and ideas. This could be an opportunity to consider a little spiritual housekeeping. Have you ever thought about having a house clearing and blessing? This is a good time for a spring clearing be it your home or your spiritual body.

The benefits are huge when we clear out the old heavy dense energies and bring in the new lighter, happier, joyful energy of a clear environment. Sometimes we have lived in the muck and mire for so long we have forgotten what it feels like to move, work, think, and play in a spiritually clean environment and a balanced body.

A house clearing and blessing makes way for better relationships, clearer thinking, better sleep, and a healthier environment; one of which is worth coming home too. Perhaps, it will give you the inspiration for starting new projects and getting back on track with personal relationships. The same holds true for your physicality, be it the spiritual, physical, mental, or the emotional body. For chakra clearing and balancing, I will track and clear any dense energy within your field and illuminate the chakras to bring them into balance.

House clearing and blessings take about 1 ½ hours and cost $150.00. Personal chakra clearing, balancing, and nurturing with crystals and colors take about an hour and cost $100.00


Personal Healing Sessions

When working with clients, I honor the ‘Inner Healer’ within each individual and am dedicated to helping others find their own truths, strengths and gifts. I bring a wealth of experience and knowledge into my successful private practice.

I have had the honor of witnessing healing for countless individuals and watched people’s lives awaken to new levels of consciousness, many times greater than they ever thought possible.

My energy healing sessions can take many directions; an extraction to cleanse your energy, a soul retrieval to bring back a piece of your essence, healing of generational trauma, or ceremony to invite the energy of the universe to realign you with your authentic self or a combination thereof. Whichever modalities are used during the session, they are guided by Spirit to help restore harmony to your entire being.

Long distance sessions are also available in most situations. This is possible because I am working with the energetic body rather than the physical body, therefore your physical body need not be present in order to do a session. It is possible, with your permission, to call in your energetic body and do a healing session even if your physical body is somewhere else. I do require a phone consultation prior to doing a long distance session. The investment is the same as in person.Please visit my website for prices.


My recent workshop Spirit Keepers was a great success.

I believe art is a sacred and intuitive process; that connects you to your soul and activates your creative juices to flow out into other areas of one’s life. I would like to share a few comments of attendees and photos.

“Thank you so much for a wonderful workshop on Sunday! I loved creating my Spirit Keeper in community with you and the other sisters in such an amazing environment.” E.H.

“Thank you so much for an amazing day. It has stirred many thing up for me. Not a bad thing, by the way.” K.H.

“The whole experience was wonderful and the company was exceptional. It was such a joy to meet and share space with each of you.” A.S.


Joyful blessings to you and all in your sacred circle. Namaste ~ Stephanie

Contact Stephanie Phelps to bring workshops and classes to your hometown:

Stephanie's work and services include: illuminations, soul retrievals, past life clearings, guided journeys, angel and oracle readings, house clearings and blessings, mentoring, sacred site tours specializing in Sedona, signature workshops and classes, shamanic journeys, medicine wheel ceremony, fire ceremony.

Visit Stephanie's website to learn more:

Stephanie shares events and insights daily that support your journey http://www.facebook.comWhiteHorseJourneys

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