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In this beautiful and wondrous circle of life, I continue to learn how important it is to be in a state of fluidity, ready to make changes, leaping in


In this beautiful and wondrous circle of life, I continue to learn how important it is to be in a state of fluidity, ready to make changes, leaping into the unknowable, and in a moments notice able to do a full turn around without getting stuck.

The circle of life is in continuous motion, and I choose to be part of that perpetual motion. In spite of the wobbles, the ups and downs, I look to continuously embrace the delicious moments of life in all its fullness, and wonder.

May this June bring to you a time of passion and creation, and the exquisite joy of being.

summer solstice

Solstice soul searching, solar power, sizzling summer, hot stuff and fiery passionate energy ~ show up and be bold

The light of the Sun powers life. Just to be in the solstice light is essential nourishment for the mind, body, and soul. You may think of it as a solstice starlight tonic to initiate and calibrate your own frequency to the higher frequencies available on June 21. The Sun reaches Cancer at 11:54 AM Eastern time or 8:54 AM Pacific time marking the exact Solstice moment.
We share this timing with everyone on the planet at the same exact time marking Summer Solstice in the Northern hemisphere and Winter Solstice in the Southern hemisphere; wondrously sharing this cosmic global moment.

On Solstice, the celestial gateway is open, use this solstice energy to focus on your commitment to your own pathway, your hopes, dreams, goals and aspirations. We create with intent through these timings, which brings communion and focus on our intentions. By actively participating in these natural cycles, we can attune ourselves to the creative forces that flow through us, and learn how to live in harmony and balance with ourselves and with the Earth. We now know we are informing the mysteries as much as they inform us, mirroring the as above so below.

Check your time zone for the exact time of this year’s Summer Solstice:
Solstice time clock


The Tor Egg Stone

A Generous Spiritual Warrior

What is needed in our circles is a generous spirit. Meaning it is how we treat and respond to others, how we make others feel, remembering our actions are louder than words. We are all learning, as we travel these new roads of spiritual questing and self-discovery. We are calling like-hearted minds and souls to join us on grand adventures. When we show-up fully to do the work, let there be the space, love, and commitment to embrace all, and know there is enough to go around for everyone, whatever that looks like. This is not a time for self-serving egotism, or to inhibit another person's light. In this new paradigm and the time of the White Buffalo, we share our sacred information, who we are, and know we are all equal in this great circle of life.
When possible shamanize each individual you meet, that is to See, uplift, and help others recognize their greatest best self. To see each person in all their elegant beauty with their potential of untold possibility, see them God eyes to God eyes. There is no time to waste.

I hold your heart in my soul and ask you to uplift others to their highest and to love them through their pain. I think what I am trying to say is simple… Love your neighbors, love your brothers and sisters, love those around you. Love, Love, Love.

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The farther I travel, the closer I am to myself. ~ Andrew McCarthy

This is an invitation to join me for Soulful Travel May 2020

I invite you to explore Southwest England for a heart-led adventure to sacred places of power and mystery. Discover ancient stone circles, the Isle of Avalon, the lands of Merlin, King Arthur and the Knights, sacred wells and springs, places rich in myth and legends.

Sacred travel is a soulful and transformational experience. We are forever changed by our own intuitive experiences, and the spirit of each place. Just visiting these ancient and sacred places there is an interaction of Being that changes the resonance in your body, the way you feel and think.


What you can expect ~

I invite you to join me on a journey that begins with a visit to the great standing stone circle of Stonehenge. An archaeological marvel, a UNESCO world heritage site, and one of the worlds most enigmatic tourist attractions. Stonehenge draws up to 1.3 million visitors annually and has a mysterious history dating back more than 5,000 years. An awe-inspiring start to witness this living temple of light.


Glastonbury will be our home base for the next four nights giving us time to emerge in the energy of its historic ancient sacred sites. We will visit Chalice Well and Gardens, a shrine of pilgrimage for thousands of years. At Chalice Well many experience the healing powers of her waters and her plants. Its a magical place with magnificent old Yew trees standing as sacred guardians watching over us as we make our way to the healing waters for ceremony.

IMG 1148

We will have expert guides to share the stories of King Arthur, Mary Magdalene, Druids, Goddesses, and much more as we visit the local sites. Namely, Wearyall Hill, the place where Joseph of Arimathea and Mary Magdalene planted the staff that they were given by Jesus, which miraculously started to grow. On to numinous Glastonbury Abbey, the last resting place of King Arthur and Queen Guinevere, The Lady's Chapel, Brides Mound, and more. Glastonbury is the heart chakra of the planet and St. John's Church is in the center of the center, and here the Dragon line energy is powerfully felt. We will deepen our connection with the Dragon/Ley lines and the profound gifts of personal and collective healing that they carry. We will walk up to the top of the Tor with its St Michael's tower, and ledges carved into a 3d labyrinth named the dragon path by the ancient druids. The Tor is perhaps one of the most iconic landmarks of England.

Our time in Glastonbury will be filled with rich spiritual treasures and extraordinary history.


Our next Port of Call is Tintagel, Cornwall. It is situated in the center of a rugged and romantic coastline, renowned for its association with the legend of Merlin, King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table. The Arthurian Legends take us to Tintagel Castle as King Arthur’s home and birthplace. We will visit Merlin's cave, tides permitting. It has been said the legendary wizard once lived in this sea cave beneath Tintagel Castle, and this is where Merlin himself worked and initiated druids. Entering into Merlin's Cave we take time to meditate with the sounds of the ocean lulling us into timelessness, journeying into the mystical with Merlin. You will have free time to explore the delights of Tintagel village.


After our two night stay, we make our way to Rock Valley to experience a unusual rock labyrinth, said to be a gateway to other dimensions. Then on to mystical, beautiful St Nectan's Glen and waterfall. Here space is held for the Faeries and the spirit of the 5th century Celtic Christian Saint Nectan. Nectan's Glen and waterfall is said to be the place where the Knights of the Round Table came to be blessed before their quest for the Holy Grail.
An area of outstanding natural beauty and its spiritual essence speaks loudly. These waters are reputed to be healing.
The waterfall is a delightful place to make offerings, as it is home to many faeries and nature sprites. You will see Faery Stacks, which are a form of an ancient offering, as well as offerings of ribbons and coins. Offerings have been part of the heritage of sacred wells since ancient times, and continuing the practice of leaving offerings will always link us to the past and the future.

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Our next three nights we will lodge in the cathedral city of Wells, Somerset.
Wells has had city status since medieval times and named from three wells dedicated to Saint Andrew, one in the marketplace and two within the grounds of the Bishop's Palace and cathedral.

You will have the entire day free to explore any part of Wells, Glastonbury or Bath on your own. Arise whenever you please, have a leisurely breakfast and spend the day enjoying Englands smallest city with the oldest inhabited street in the country, the Bishop’s Palace graced with beautiful gardens, sacred pools and a medieval chapel with a unique collection of Green Man carvings, and Wells Cathedral the earliest English cathedral built in the Gothic style. A day for blissful meandering, exploration and integration.

west kennth lon barrow

Our last full day will be in Avebury. Our guide is Peter Knight, a well-known researcher of ancient wisdom, author of 11 books and a sacred sites expert. He is going to guide us through the living landscape of Avebury, Silbury Hill, and West Kenneth Long Barrow.

You feel the energies of the Michael ley line that travels perfectly up the serpent-like stone avenue, you will learn how the ancients aligned the stones to the stars, balanced the sacred masculine and sacred feminine with their stone circles, then you will enter a church from the Saxon period, 1000 years of worship and see the famous dragon font. Then you will get to visit the famous Silbury Hill, that modern historians believe it to have been an ancient pyramid.

We will keep ourselves posted for any recent crop circles, which we will certainly visit if they are around. It will be early in the season for Crop Circles, but I hope we get lucky.

In the late afternoon/early evening, we will go to West Kennet Long Barrow for our last ceremony. West Kennet Long Barrow, a 5,600-year-old chambered mound and is one of the most spectacular long barrows in the country. Peter will do a short tour of the site, based on his book, and then we will witness the sunset, and go into the chambers. Connecting with the energy, we will chant, do some gentle drumming, meditation, and talking circle.


On our last morning, we bid each other farewell with hearts full of gratitude for all we have experienced, and know we are forever changed.

I look forward to sharing this journey with you. It will be a time peppered with sharing, ceremony, meditation, rituals, and talking circles. If you would like to join me, send an email to:


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For this month's fourth Friday, June 28, we will focus on water, connecting with the Spirit of Water through a relaxing meditation offering a deeper understanding and appreciation of water, learning what message this sacred element holds for you. We will utilize the waters I have collected from the sacred wells and springs of England and Wales, magnetizing our intuition and dreams.


Bright Blessings at this Midsummer.
With love to you and all in your sacred circles.


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