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Light up your destiny with dreaming and hold beauty in your consciousness.

Our DNA is being infused with more Light coming from the
Central Sun of our Galaxy.

During the Solstice the incoming energies are flowing in for a calibration of our personal frequency to the higher frequencies available at this given time. The Sun is a star so it gives off starlight and carries its own starry light codes that activate the area of the sky it is passing through. We are the beneficiaries of that concentrated star energy with Sun’s light and life.


In my morning meditation I was contemplating the solstice and how do we benefit and engage the incoming frequencies and this is what was transmitted:

You are receiving new light codes from your star the Great Central Sun, thus enhancing the biology of your body. The starlight from the sun is the upgrade of new light frequencies stimulating your eyes and retina for seeing beyond what has been known. The incoming frequencies are waking up the biology of the body for the evolution of your species. The Lightcode activation stimulates the thymus and hormones in the body. This is your thread of connection to these incoming frequencies.
Be with the Sun and in Sunlight on this day, witness the first light when the sun rises and the morning energies are fresh dawning a new day, a new light.
Chant and sing with glory heralding a new resonant harmony within you, new human.
For our friends in the Southern hemisphere it is the same with message to connect with the sunrise and the the first light of the sun.

Practicing Relationship with the Sacred Elements

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The classical four elements, Earth, Air, Fire and Water, are sacred because they are the substance of life. These four elements are infused with a fifth essence at the center of all, Spirit, the mystery within and all around us.

I have a sacred relationship with the elements and when appropriate engage in ceremony to expand that relationship. I want the water to know me and accord our energies in a sacred exchange to enhance that relationship and restore balance. I do not take the water that flows from our home taps for granted.
Recently I was in the Yucatan visiting Chichen Itza and adjacent to the power site I stumbled upon a small temple ruin imbued with divine feminine energy. I noticed a couple of grinding stones in front of the ruins. The metates were filled with water from the previous nights rainfall. I had two crystals with me and first knelt down to connect with the spirit of the water. With an invitation I placed my fingertips into the waters and our energies accorded. I then placed my crystals into the water and blessed myself with the waters that had collected in the ancient metate. I felt the memories in the stone from the women who had prayed over the plant seeds they milled into meal for there loved ones and ceremonies. I heard whispers of stories they shared in laughter. I felt the life of the water activating my crystals, my memory and the sacred thread of connection to the seen and the unseen. The elements respond to us when we honor them.


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It is an honor to receive your vote of confidence, recognizing and supporting my work. You can only vote once and every vote counts, thank you.
Cast your votes today for Stephanie Phelps in the categories of: Energy Healer and Meditation Leader. Don't forget Storm Wisdom for Enlightened Books/Gift Store and Spiritual Center. Together we all make a difference.
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With love and heartfelt gratitude.

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Changes in schedule for upcoming classes at Storm Wisdom

No shamanic journeys offered until November due to sacred travel schedule.
Upon resuming we will be shifting the energy using a new yet ancient spiritual technology that speaks to cosmic memory and awakens a higher frequency of consciousness with the pure sounds of the Entheosonic Peruvian Whistles.

More Cacao ceremonies coming soon

I will still be offering the fourth Friday of each month
6-7 PM meditation using crystals and crystal skulls.
No class in August or September. Storm Wisdom will fill my spot during my absence so you can still enjoy the Friday night and meet, meditate and mingle.

If you are ready to do inner work and expand who you are becoming
Book a private session and work on your future self.
The private healing sessions are truly at the heart of my passion.

Taking reservations for Journey of Love
Mystical Ireland Fall 2018
Belize, Guatemala, Mexico -Tikal, Palenque and more, April/May 2018

Finbarr Ross of Sacred Mystical Journeys shares:
What is the difference between a normal tour and a spiritual tour?
"The normal tour may take in many of the places on our tour. The difference is the depth of experience a spiritual tour gives. A spiritual tour involves visiting sacred places and taking time to link with the land, the energy field, the consciousness and magic of times past. The sacred sites are utilized to give clarity and understanding to our own lives, as we build an awareness and understanding that is a creative force for our future".

return of the sun king

Return of the Sun King

Essential Oils ~ Alchemy for Solstice
Faerie Oil
2 parts rose
1 part chamomile
1 part lavender

Solstice Lightening
2 drops Ylang Ylang
2 drops Mandarin
2 drops lime
Start creating your blend by only using essential oils. After you have created the blend, then you can dilute it by adding carrier oils. If you dont like the blend you created, you have then not wasted any carrier oils.
Store in an airtight dark-colored glass container.

Ways to use your oils: in a Diffuser, a couple drops in your bath, if no sensitivities apply to pulse points, a couple of drops in your hands rub and inhale.
When essential oils are inhaled, you connect to the life force of the plant and the life force within you. The diffusers allow the essence of the oil to penetrate and harmonize the natural energy inside of you and your environment.

Storm Wisdom now carries our own new product line Crystal Clear Essential Oils. In addition are most wonderful, creative Diffusers for your home and car.
Crystal Clear Essential Oils

Blessings to you and all in your sacred circle
with love, love and more love

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