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Gathering like Hearts and Minds

February 2013           
"Find the quiet corners of your heart where the deepest expressions of self have yet to be discovered and explored. Allow for the time and space for the riches of your heart to be exalted into the grand glory of your being. Step into your fullness, take baby steps or a giant leap into the unknowable yet the knowable. Trust, have faith, and breathe love into this moment." Stephanie Phelps

  To Be or Not to Be               

I am excited to return to my work after a personal sabbatical. I felt the need to reflect on the changes in myself and on the planet.

Everything has shifted and new ways of BEing are emerging. I believe we have all felt this collective movement in some way or another. I believe in and feel the simple yet so powerful pleasure of living a conscious life in the best ways possible. I have been making subtle changes and creating moments that bring me joy.

Most important to you, I feel inspired to create anew and elevate my work. White Horse Journeys embraces transformational and meaningful practices for the advancement of the mind, body, and soul. Connecting and inviting like hearts and minds to continue to gather, share, and BE birthed anew.

Join us for the Mt. Shasta Experience July 16-21 2015

This will be awesome magical journey. I intend to build on the experiences of last year with the discovery of new places and people. Even if you attended last year’s Shasta Experience, plan on a deeper, richer, more epic adventure for Mt Shasta 2015!

Last year sold out quickly, reserve your spot with a $300 non-refundable deposit.

For details contact:

Take a look at last years’ Mt Shasta Experience, click on the link below:


I am embracing a new stream of business dōTERRA essential oils.

Essential oils are "Gifts of the Earth" and they work on many levels, the emotional, physical and spiritual. Working with vibrational plant medicine has been calling me for some time now. It was actually after attending a recent workshop and being anointed with the sacred oil of Frankincense that I felt activated by the essence, presence, and voice of the plant. In a small way I have always used essential oils in my work, but now there is a call to understand the full spectrum this platform offers in assisting our health, well-being, and spiritual advancement.

Each month I will be featuring an oil of my choice to support the current energy.

This month’s feature is Invigorating Blend ~ the Oil of Creativity

To propel us into 2015 and honoring our resolutions this blend acts as a powerful “fire starter”.

Ingredients: Wild Orange, Lemon, Grapefruit, Mandarin, Bergot, Tangerine, and other essential oils.

This addresses stifled or blocked creativity, fear of self-expression, emotional imbalances.

To purchase the Oil of Creativity or any of the exceptional high vibrational dōTERRA essential oils, click on the link below:

Custom made Spirit Animal Essential Oils


It was through the following magical experience I have been guided to offer Spirit Animal Essential Oils for others. The whale inspired me to create my personal blend called Whale ~ Heart Song, its blended dōTERRA essential oils to strength our connection and support my personal journey.

Whale has become my power animal after this eye-to-eye encounter calling to the whales off the coast of the San Juan Islands. I have since been working with whale aligning with the vibration of their song and medicine. They move on the ley lines of the planet through the seas as they perpetually tone the wisdom chants into the earth and out into the many grids of the planet.

Your custom Spirit Animal blend may include energetic protection, spiritual healing, opening your heart, or support for transformation and change. There are endless possibilities as this will be intuited by me with your power animal and blended specially for you.

Let me know if you would like to learn more about any of the essential oils or have a private session customizing the oils for your needs.

 Peruvian Whistling Vessels

I am really going out on a limb by putting out a humbling call through Go Fund Me to purchase a set of eight Whistling Vessels.

I have been guided to begin a quest to have Don Wright create a set of 8 Peruvian Whistling Vessels for me to share with community and use in ceremony. The experience of the whistling vessels is one to open the mind to the mystical; providing a shamanic experience using sound to attune to different vibrations and dimensions.

When playing the vessels for the first time last July, I had the experience of witnessing the fabric of the universe, the “web”, and it was an extraordinary moment in what felt like suspended time and space. What excites me most about the whistling vessels is they provide an experience without the use of ingesting psychotropic plant medicine, i.e. Ayahuasca or Peyote. I have always practiced drug free shamanism and I love the fact the whistles are true shamanic instruments and a natural means to expand the mind and alter consciousness. In using entheosonic whistling vessels the sound causes a synchronization, an electrical harmonizing, between the two hemispheres of the brain. This is an acoustical phenomenon called rhythmical frequencies or binaural beats. The binaural tones produced in a Peruvian whistling session make it easier to enter a shamanic trance, which simply indicates the emergence of a meditative state that naturally fades when one stops blowing into the vessels. All is experience without a drug induced state, no purging, and it stops when you want it to stop. It is gentle and powerful.

“At the heart of numerous spiritual and mystical traditions and in the scriptures of many religions, sound is consider to be the foundation of the physical world. It is said that the vibration of these harmonics grant access to the highest vibration of our being and the use of the whistles is rich in secrets. Sound is the key to all existence, a truth that today particle physics clearly confirm through the string theory.” -Denis Casarsa

The other part that excites me greatly is that when Don Wright creates the vessels, he says you may provide him with any substance which is sacred or special to you that he will include in the clay of the vessels. I have earth from my Medicine Wheel to use for these vessels, and feel its imporant to share the following.

It was 1999 when I was divinely guided by to create a Medicine Wheel. I was the keeper of this magical sacred space and invited people to join me in ceremony for peace, moon ceremonies, stargate openings, celebrations of life, and so much more. Over the years I learned it was looked upon as a signature multidimensional portal of energy and those of us who heard the call created these signature portals around the planet. People came from all over the world to share in this magical space for over ten years.

My Medicine Wheel was the catalyst to my journey and the path to what I do today. As a Medicine Wheel Keeper I practiced Earth Weaving, which is the taking of earth from my sacred space and exchange it with the earth of another sacred space. I have travel extensively to sacred sites around the world and have woven the earth imbued with prayer and ceremony from one sacred space into another and into my medicine wheel. The soil holds a high frequency of power, memory, vibration, and sound which is all woven into the soils of the earth, and when you are very still you can heard this voice of the Earth.

The last thing I did when I said good bye to my home was to gather earth from where the medicine wheel once held space. I have carried it with me for the last 5 years and now there is the possibility for the energy and vibration to come alive again and live on through the whistling vessels. I can’t help but think of the metaphor of the butterfly. This is such a huge realization for me. I am so excited for this possibility.

Don Wright the vessel maker said “For over two thousand years, different cultures in Peru produced vessels psychoacoustically tuned. Instruments which produce vibrations that induce an expanded state of consciousness different from anything known today. They stopped producing their vessels when conquistadors entered their land. They did not share the vessel experience with the invaders. For hundreds of years the vessels have remained silent, waiting for this point in history to reawaken.”

It is with my deepest heartfelt gratitude I thank you for your contribution.

 Every contributor will be gifted the experience of Whistling Vessels and a bucket of my love and hugs.

To learn more about Peruvian Whistles and the Maker Don Wright:

Entheosonic Whistling Vessels by Denis Casarsa

Expanded Sessions and Services 2015

I offer inspiration, vibrational medicine, and tools to guide and elevate you on your path; allowing the gifts of my heart to enrich and support your journey. Some of my new offerings are yet to be defined and are in the works, but for now I am excited to share what I love to do and what you can expect for 2015.

• Spiritual advancement in the form of retreats, vising sacred sites, offering sacred adventures and workshops.

• The Feminine in the Way of the Circle, monthly workshop. (new)

• Healing Plant Medicine in the form of essential oils.(new)

• Custom blend spirit animal essential oil (new)

• Soul Retrieval

• Power Animal Retrieval

• Spiritual Guidance and Mentoring

• Private Sessions with energy medicine for wellness, awakening, clearing, calming and balancing, chakra intelligence, crystal and stone layouts, and readings.

• Peruvian Whistling Vessels, experience in mind expansion through sound (coming soon)

• House Clearings and Blessings

• Cocao Ceremony for opening the heart (new).

• Intuitive custom created feather smudge/ prayer fans for healing, clearings, ceremony or gifts

• Monthly Shamanic Journeys, all are welcome the second Tuesday of each month at Storm Wisdom. 7-8:30 pm $15.

• Monthly Meditation,  all are welcome the fourth Friday of each month 6-7 pm, $10 at Storm Wisdom. (Except for Feb it will be the third Friday on the 20th).

 To learn more about my services visit my website or set up a free consultation and to book appointment contact: email:

I am available for private sessions in person at Storm Wisdom, by phone, or Skype. Because the work is received on an energetic level, sessions are extremely effective even when performed at a distance. 

Welcome to Storm Wisdom and meet my Storm Wisdom Family. Your Center for Intentional Living! Visit, Shop, Experience, Learn and Explore.

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As I close this newsletter I would like to introduce you to the poetic inspirations of:

Lou Savenelli

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Stephanie Pope

Love, love, Love,

blessings to you and all in your sacred circle

Stephanie Phelps

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