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What's the Deal with Crystal Skulls Join Stephanie for afternoon of exploring the mystery of crystal skulls and what they can do for you. If you’re


What's the Deal with Crystal Skulls

Join Stephanie for afternoon of exploring the mystery of crystal skulls and what they can do for you.

If you’re curious about crystal skulls, want to learn more about how to work with their energies or would like to find out how they can inspire and enhance your spiritual journey, then please join Stephanie for an exciting interactive workshop.
Some of the most frequently asked questions on crystal skulls include: Why are they here? What are their origins? How can a crystal skull be used to help me? What are the misconceptions associated with them and some of the mysteries surrounding them?
As a guardian of crystal skulls, a student, and teacher of the Mysteries, Stephanie will help to demystify and create a better understanding of crystal skulls.
No experience of working with crystal skulls is necessary. This workshop is designed for those who have never encountered their energy before as well as offering new perspectives to more experienced energy workers & healers who already connect with the crystal skulls.
You will have an opportunity to interact with crystal skulls and experience their energies directly. Workshop will include a lecture, hands-on interaction and a healing circle and meditation with the Crystal Skulls!
Bring your own skull if you have one or work with one of ours! Which by the way have been activated with the infamous Mitchell-Hedges crystal skull.

Registration required please call Storm Wisdom at 602 334 1204 or register on line at:

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Meet, Meditate & Mingle at Storm Wisdom
Every Friday we will gather for meditation and the chance to connect with like-minded friends.

My offerings are always on the 4th Friday of each month, and I look forward to seeing you on
February 22, 6-7PM.

I am offering this Friday an experience with psycho-acoustically tuned whistles that are authentic reproductions of pre-Columbian Peruvian instruments.
Together we will sound the vessels, and your relationship with the divine will be expanded effortlessly; it requires no experience or skill. Sound has a profound effect on our physiology. Through sound, intention, and meditation we will be assisted in raising our vibration attuning with higher frequencies thus accessing the energy and wisdom available at this time. "I believe they are powerful allies and hold great medicine and power for the new paradigm.” The Peruvian Whistling Vessels are entheogenic sound tools (entheogenic - becoming divine within, become one with the divine). The whistling vessels are a multi-dimensional experience, with a sound vibration assisting in our healing and enhancing the energies of our bodies, mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual.

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In celebration of Saint Valentine and in the name of Love, I share a poem that warmed my heart, and ask how will you make love to your life?

There are thousands of ways to fall in love.
At night I open my eyes in the welcoming darkness
And listen to the snow softening all sound.
And I fall in love with being here.
In the morning I smile, grateful for hot showers,
Sweet tea, and cinnamon baked apples.

There are thousands of ways to be in love,
To listen to the song of another’s heart
To hold them with tender attention,
To forgive ourselves for all the moments we’ve missed
In our hurry to get somewhere
Not realizing there is nowhere to go,
That love is already here.

On good mornings,
mornings when I am not distracted or forgetful,
I get up and ask:
How will I make love to my life today?

by Mary Oliver

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Stephanie is available to facilitate private workshops and ceremony for your hometown groups; Cacao, Peruvian Whistling Vessels, Crone Ceremonies, Baby Blessings, Clearings, Fire Ceremony and more.

Sweet, sweet, Love, to you and all in your sacred circles.


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