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Wishing You a Glorious Holiday Season In the circle, we reflect our interconnectedness with all our Relations Feeling the Beauty in sacredness, and


Wishing You a Glorious Holiday Season

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In the circle, we reflect our interconnectedness with all our Relations

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Feeling the Beauty in sacredness, and divinity in the essence of life itself. It takes me to my heart, love, and a relationship with Nature and the Cosmos.

Tapping into the worlds within worlds, the macrocosm into the microcosm. A beautiful show of reflections in our human nature and the connection to all that is. Take what's on the surface and go deeper; the deeper you are willing to go, the more freedom you will discover. This is the Plane of Demonstration, and you must be willing to play witness to all your creations. The Butterfly Effect is in effect ~ you are the ripple.

The dictionary says The Butterfly Effect - ( with reference to chaos theory) is the phenomenon whereby a minute localized change in a complex system can have large effects elsewhere. From the notion that a butterfly fluttering in Rio de Janeiro could've changed the weather in Chicago.

A small change in each of us could produce profound change.

Let this year 2020 be one of clear vision, make yourself strong and steady, so you can hold yourself in your center, and be the full expression of Divinity in Human Form on Earth.

Winter Solstice Ceremony

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Peruvian Whistling Vessels ~ a Shamanic Journey

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December 27
Shamanic Journey into Expanded States of Consciousness and Psycho-Acoustic Healing.

Using the Peruvian whistle vessels, we will journey with the sounds of these ancient vessels to create a collective group consciousness to journey into the non-ordinary and magical dimensions of being.

Dating back 2,500 years, the whistle vessels have been found in both the Incan and Mayan cultures. Known as Huacas, denoting something holy or sacred, the vessels are believed to impart the intelligence of the spirit world and synchronize divine, human, earth, and stellar consciousness, awakening one to his or her deeper nature and multidimensional self.

Peruvian whistle vessels are not musical instruments, and they require no musical ability to play, the vessels create psychic-acoustic effects when they are played and sounded together.

The unified sounds generate spiraling harmonic overtones, dissolving the veil of separation between inner and outer reality. The sounds amplify one’s own inner vibrational tones in an audible way, allowing participants to feel and sense their own tonal prayers, essence, and journey beyond the ordinary.

This phenomenon is created by a group of participants blowing into the vessels while sitting in the ceremonial circle. As their breath fills and moves through the vessels, the smooth flow of moving air creates vortices that give rise to acoustic vibrations, oscillations heard as tonal prayers of the Holy Breath.

The design of the vessels is key to this process. When played, the sound is directed back through a portal in the vessel towards the third eye and reverberates through three axis points within the head, the akashic space within the ear canal, the pineal “third eye,” and the fontanel, all converging at the center of the skull, called the cave of Christos or cave of Brahman. This facilitates an opening into Divine states of consciousness. The sacred sounds created to correspond to planes of consciousness, and the vessels clear and activate the subtle bodies and chakras to resonate with these higher frequency planes of consciousness. The sounds become highways for accessing cognitive information, soul knowledge and conscious communication with divine beings of intelligence.


Sound is a universally shared path of induction into higher states of consciousness and healing. The bio-psychic process of the Peruvian whistle vessel ceremony opens the corridors of space/time to freely access the origins of our light and the highest possible destiny of our future.

Storm Wisdom ~ Meet, Mingle, & Meditate 6-7 PM
December 27 - Peruvian Whistling Vessels
Fourth Friday of each month Stephanie offers Shamanic Journeys, Peruvian Whistling Vessels, Crystal Skulls, Ceremonies, and Meditations. $10
Place: Storm Wisdom, 3375 E. Shea, Blvd. Phoenix

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This New Year is a momentous and significant time for transformational soul work, deep shamanic energy clearing, and meaningful ceremony.

Just after Christmas, we have Solar Eclipse on December 26, 2019, a massive stellium (stellium is defined as a group of several planets in a single sign of the zodiac or a single house.) in Capricorn, and a Lunar Eclipse on January 10, 2020. There are many videos on Youtube explaining the importance of these celestial events.

It’s a powerful time to be aware of the AS Above so Below.

Consider giving yourself the gift of a private session or a house clearing and blessing to start your New Year off in a good way.
When you feel the calling to work with me, please know, it is an honor to do this work on your behalf. I work with new-but-ancient ways, committed to shamanic service and the sacred web of life.

Sessions with Stephanie offer clarity, insight, peace, wellness, and transformation.

Benefits experienced:
Restore mindful presence, harmony, calm
Revitalize your greater potential
Nourish your body, mind & spirit
Healing affinities for attracting negative energies
Realigning and balancing your energetic field and chakras
Awakened your journey of expansion & greater presence.
Release karmic ties and patterns
Increase your frequency/vibration

For more information or schedule a session: click here

Feather Smudge Tools

My new collection of custom-designed, one of a kind, Feather smudge, prayer, ceremonial fans, talking sticks make wonderful gifts for the holidays. Packaged with love + care, perfect for yourself, best friend, and loved ones.

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The act of Smudging is a simple ritual designed to clear negative energy or thoughts. It helps to re-energize, restore, and balance you or your space, keeping your auric field, office, and home space cleared and cleansed. Using feathers fans for smudging enhances your experience and is a wonderful tool in achieving balance, clarity, harmony.

$45 - $85
To order email:

It is the simple pleasures in life that give us the most joy


Join me this holiday season and consider the idea of living a simple, but more beautiful and harmonious way, the Hygge way, which is a lifestyle concept, one that's been around for a very long time in Denmark. It is building in elements of togetherness, of savoring simple pleasures, of relaxation, and comfort on an everyday basis. I am hugging my family and friends more, enjoying the starry nights and all the things that make my heart sing.

Wishing you a very MERRY HOLIDAY SEASON may it be filled with Love, Grace, Beauty, and Many Blessings!

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