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WISHING YOU TIDINGS OF COMFORT AND JOY THIS HOLIDAY SEASON Solstice Dreams ~ At the seasonal time of the longest night and shortest day I wish you g



angel sun

Solstice Dreams ~
At the seasonal time of the longest night and shortest day I wish you glad tidings and many blessings. The alignment of the Sun and the Moon for this years Solstice is particularly powerful, energizing your intentions and your dreams. Dreaming your dream forward through ceremony, in prayerful silence, or in like-minded groups, all gather energy with focused intention on the power of your prayer. During this gateway every year the timing presents a moment of pause, of reflection, and an opportunity to create anew.
This year stand at your best, magnetizing your soul’s presence, embodying more light, and being a beacon of strength to others, Be the change you want to see. Be bold in your aspirations, be unlimited in your imaginings, as the sky is not the limit. The beyond the beyond would best represent the amount of possibilities open and available to those who hold firm their visions and create from their unlimited self, moving forward in this plane of demonstration.
With a Full Moon on the Solstice point this year we have an even more powerful gateway, and the dark of night is illuminated with light and juicy potential further activating our visions. A full moon on the Solstice point only happens every 8 to 9 years. Solstice means standstill, the sun rises and sets in the same place for 3 days. Actually over the next three weeks it moves very little, so we are in the Solstice window for three weeks, giving you plenty of time to consider how you want to celebrate, energize, and magnetize the seeds you will be planting, and what dreams you will be dreaming.


Dreaming of a White Dolphin ~
I was given a dream of white dolphins in the wee hours of the morning on the 11:11:11 ~ Nov.11, 2018
The white dolphins came to me as I looked down upon the crystal clear turquoise waters of our planet. They formed, linking together, entwining their bodies in a pattern of sacred geometry, almost like an underwater crop circle. Their messages symbolic, first in their formation with a circle within circles, and We are all One and everything is Interconnected; weaving patterns of thought and the gift of wisdom from the higher dimensional planes. Their messages were many and of purity, forming grace over our waters. With an intention to pay attention to the waters of our planet, at this tipping point in time and from the realms of higher consciousness, anchoring into our earth plane was the message of hope. We come to remind you to pay attention to the health and well being of your planet, in the chaos of your political climate you do not want to get lost in turmoil. You exist in a holographic universe of infinite possibilities. Although you may only be able to see the 3 dimensions of physical form, your consciousness can access the higher dimensions of the non-physical universe. Connect to the magic of that consciousness and pull it into your reality. Anchoring with your love, and your will, the new matrix, the energetic framework of the New Earth reality. The white dolphins came to me to share ~ awaken the sleeping dream of hope and harmony, peace and restored balance for humanity and all creatures of Mother Earth. Together we stand on a precipice of what will be, or not be in our future. In your dreaming the dream onward please envision our planet with waters clean, pristine, and abundant for all. Take action and educate yourself in ways to value our water. Water is life.

WHITE HORSE JOURNEYS presents Myth, Legend & Magic ~ Sacred Avalon


Myth, Legend & Magic ~ Sacred Avalon
I am heralding a new adventure to Southern England with two separate opportunities.
September 03 -11, 2019
September 17 -25, 2019 - is now fully booked
We will be a band of eight Seekers and our sacred travels will take us to Glastonbury, Tintagel Cornwall, & Wells. This will be a soulful journey, one that is rich in ceremony, connecting with the land and the legends, meeting the right people who will share the knowledge and wisdom of Place.
My offering of sacred travel will be an intimate, boutique experience, visiting stone circles, castles, ancient wells, abbey ruins and so much more. For those of you who are ready to tap into the living energy of Place, there is surely a transformational experience, a expansion for the soul-self waiting on the Dragons Leylines of Avalon. For more information and the full itinerary please contact:

Here is a peek at a little of what you can expect:
Three nights in Glastonbury.
We will be acquainting ourselves with this place of legend, mystic, and power, exploring the town of Glastonbury. Connecting to the energy of the sites through ceremony and with expert guides. We walk to the ancient and sacred site of Chalice Well and Gardens, a shrine of pilgrimage for thousands of years, and The Glastonbury Tor, The Egg-Stone, The Red & White Springs, The Holy Thorn, Wearyill Hill & so much more!


At Chalice Well, many experience the healing powers of her waters and her plants. In Arthur's Court is the Pilgrims Bath the site of many famous healings.

Our Glastonbury guides will help us deepen our connection with the Dragon/Ley lines and the profound gifts of personal and collective healing that they carry. Visiting Glastonbury Abbey and the Magdalene Houses, which are filled with spiritual treasures and extraordinary history.

IMG 1148

The Glorious Ruins of Glastonbury Abbey


Our travels then takes us down the Michael ley line into the wilds of Dartmoor, where we cross bridges over 4000 years old and wander in the magical Wistman’s Faerie Wood. Then on to Cornwall for 2 nights.

Cornwall is home to the Arthurian Legends, and Tintagel Castle know as King Arthur’s home and his birthplace. We will visit Merlin's cave, tides permitting.


Then we make our way to the mystically beautiful St Nectan's Glen and waterfall. Here space is held for the Fairies and the spirit of the 5th century Celtic Christian Saint Nectan. It is said to be the place where the Knights of the Round Table came to be blessed before their quest for the Holy Grail. The waters are reputed to be healing and watched over by the Spirits.
We travel on to Wells for our next 3-night stay. Wells is a cathedral city in the district of Somerset. Wells is named from three wells dedicated to Saint Andrew, one in the marketplace and two within the grounds of the Bishop's Palace and cathedral.

For the equinox we have a special day in Avebury, and will be greeted by author and filmmaker, Peter Knight. Peter is a researcher of ancient wisdom, authored 11 books and a sacred sites expert. He is going to guide us through Avesbury into the living landscape of Avesbury, Sillbury Hill, and West Kennth Long Barrow. Avebury Stone Circle is 500 years older than Stonehenge, and 14 times larger.

IMG 6680
west kennth lon barrow

We will keep posted for any recent crop circles, which we will certainly visit if they are around. It will be late in the season for Crop Circles, but I hope we get lucky.
You will get to see the famous Silbury Hill that modern historians believe to have been an ancient pyramid. At sunset, Peter will take us to West Kennet Long Barrow for our equinox ceremony. West Kennet Long Barrow, a 5,600-year-old chambered mound, and is one of the most spectacular long barrows in the country.

There will be so much more, I have a wonderful experiential journey planned.
For more information and the full itinerary please contact:

Myth, Legend & Magic ~ Sacred Avalon September 2019.

Full Tour Price – USD $3150
Deposit USD $1000. (Strictly Non-Refundable)

Single Supplement – USD $550

Prices includes:
Accommodation ( 8 nights)
Full Irish Breakfast Each Morning
Some Dinners, as shown on full itinerary.
All Entrance Fees to Sites
All Ground Transportation
Guide fees
On-site Teachings and Ceremonies
Price Does Not include
International Airfare
Meals not mentioned & Beverages
Extras at Hotels (Mineral water, tea, coffee, personal expenses, laundry, telephone calls etc.)
Optional tips to Bus Driver and Expert Guides


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Storm Wisdom ~ Meet, Mingle, & Meditate 6-7 PM
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I sing the sweetness of joy, offering the warmth of angel wings surrounding, uplifting, and comforting you over this holiday season.
With love and sweet medicine,


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