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Season Greetings Together lets hold a shared vision of Peace with a progressive future that honors balance and co-operation supported in Love for all

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Season Greetings

Together lets hold a shared vision of Peace with a progressive future that honors balance and co-operation supported in Love for all our Relations. As spiritual warriors recognize and honor the Divinity in all that is. May the good earth support us as we walk in Beauty.

main solstices equinoxes

Closing cycle of 2016 with its final full moon December 14th and December 21 is Solstice.

Witnessing a Solstice Sunrise is a great way to engage the powerful energies being beamed in from the Galactic Center via the Sun. This is a powerful time to align with your high-wiser-self to embody more of your true essence and that which you intend to create for the new year that lies ahead.
Perhaps it is time to create anew, recognizing time as art and living that art with your unique signature of color, texture, tones, and rhythm. Embrace the full spectrum life offers.


Mystical Ireland

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Mystical Ireland - Land of Faeries, Saints and Scholars

A Journey of Love with Stephanie Phelps & Lia Scallon

September 14 - 24th 2017

10 magical days with your guides Stephanie and Lia, and guest presenter Finbarr Ross, culminate in an Equinox ceremony at The Hill of Tara, Ireland’s ancient spiritual and power center. The ceremony will coincide with a long prophesied 12-Planet alignment, never before experienced by humanity.

Discover an intimate connection with Ireland’s sacred landscapes as Stephanie, Lia and Finbarr lead you through the mystical land of the Druids and Tuath De Danann. Journey deep into the richness of its magic, myths and legends, through ceremony, storytelling and meditation.

Does your heart hear the call?

Experience Ireland’s Sacred Sites
Glendalough, Tara, New Grange, Knowth,Loughcrew Cairns, Creevykeel, Carrowmore, Innishmurray and more

Full Tour Price – USD $3950
Earlybird Special – USD $3750 ($200 Discount if Booked by May 14th)
Deposit – USD $500 (Non Refundable)

Price includes
Quality Hotel Accomodation (11 nights)
Full Irish Breakfast and Dinner Each Day
Tips to drivers, guides, hotel and restaurant staff
On site teachings and ceremony
All entrance fees to sites
All ground transportation
*Does Not include International airfare

The detailed itinerary and registration page will be up soon on As soon as it goes live, a notification will be sent out to my White Horse Journeys list. If you can’t wait that long and want to sign up immediately, I’d love to hear from you!
Tel: 480 216 4484

Please feel free to share the ‘Mystical Ireland’ poster below with your friends.

Ireland Flier Master

Sacred Travel is at the core of what I want to share with people who are attracted to my work.

It is an experiential journey of all the teachings that bring us together.
To move from the indoor classroom circle into a living circle that knows our breath and we can feel the Mother Earth as she breathes us.

There is nothing more at the center of my heart than to feel the earth between my toes to have the recognition of my soul signature blended with the elements of the wind, water, fire, and earth.

All the classroom teaching comes alive when you walk the ley-lines, speak with the stones, activate the sites through presence and the power of you.

The Mystery is in direct communication when we leave our comfort zones and walk with the Ancient Ones in sacred places. Everything is alive and you get to feel, see and know this living vibrant energy that flows through all things first hand. The veils become thin allowing for direct communication with the Mysteries.

The Mysteries are ready to be revealed for those who are ready to receive this next level of teaching. Be it from the Divine, the heavenly angels, the stars or the earth, the faeries or our unseen friends we collaborate in the evolution of humanity, and what was lost is now awakened and alive for those who have the eyes to see and the hearts to know, and that is to be graced by the experience of Witness and Beauty. These are the practices that open doorways to transformation and life changing revelation and bring higher or evolved consciousness into ones daily life.

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Entheosonic Whistling Vessels

The first whistle was celebrated on 9/18/2016 thanking all those who supported my vision.
“For over two thousand years, different cultures in Peru produced vessels, psycho-acoustically tuned instruments, which produce vibrations that induce an expanded state of consciousness different from anything known today. They stopped producing their vessels when conquistadors entered their land. They did not share the vessel experience with the invaders. For hundreds of years the vessels have remained silent, waiting for this point in history to reawaken.”_ ~ Donald Wright, vessel maker,

I will be offering monthly whistling sessions at Storm Wisdom. Each whistling session seems to build upon the last experience inducing highly sensitized perceptions of color, sound and further enhanced psychic abilities.

It has been said that sound patterned the universe.
Nicola Tesla said the “Earth rings like a bell, continuously”.
Everything has a sound, a frequency and using sound can induce harmony, healing and move mountains, well at least so has been said of the pyramid stone blocks weighting tons. I feel the whistling vessels are a new medicine for our time now and we are the pioneers.

It took ten long warm summer days to create my set of Whistling Vessels.They are made from molds from the original ancient Peruvian Whistling Vessels which are on display in Peru's Museums. I am grateful for the intimate connection in the making each vessel, from pouring the slip to burnishing details into the clay all under the direction from master craftsman Donnie Wright.

The evening they went into the kiln there was a double rainbow that span the sky and it was the most incredible rainbow. We counted 9 bands of color. Denis Cararsa author of Entheosonic Whistling Vessels wrote to us sharing “rainbows are so auspicious with the vessels! Symbols of emptiness and wisdom, of creativity and prosperity”. I felt a blessing descend from from the heavens.

Donnie is a master at his craft and a wealth of knowledge. I have hours of video clips on his process crafting the vessels. I have a vision to compile his years of wisdom into a short documentary. I am looking for a collaborator for this project, someone with technical knowledge.

serpent wisdom oil

Serpent Wisdom Lighting
Plant Spirit Medicine, is at the base of all essential oils. The plants hold wisdom as well as healing potential. I share a relationship with the plants and the guardians to particular sacred sites and a relationship ensues to bring forth a plant spirit medicine for you.
Recently, while in the Yucatan walking the lands of the Maya, I was called to create a powerful oil. This blended essential oil carries the vibration of the ancient Wisdom of the Maya. Infused with the energy of the art, science, and spiritual technology to activate the pineal gland and stimulate the inner sacred fire.
The qualities of Serpent Wisdom Lighting may:
Stimulate Kundalini energies
Activate your inner fire
Aid in transformation
The ways in which you choose to use the oil could be:
Breathe this powerful essence into your auric field.
Apply / anoint the chakras with a few drops
Place on wrists and rub together.
Use before doing your meditation or journey work. Especially powerful for working with the breath of fire and kundalini yoga.
Price $20


In appreciation and gratitude for the good ways you touch the earth and all livings things, thank you for being part of my circle and for your presence in my life.
Joyful blessings to you and all in your sacred circle.
Love, Love, Love,

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