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Spring is my favorite time of year. The desert, where I live, comes to life in full bloom. I am always amazed and delighted at how nature finds her so

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Spring is my favorite time of year. The desert, where I live, comes to life in full bloom. I am always amazed and delighted at how nature finds her songs, connecting with the God thought which makes the seeds grow and from the soul of the earth springs precious new life. Our Earthly garden is a song sung in love.
Your perfect and most exquisite garden lies within your soul. Cultivate your inner garden, love yourself grandly, sing your songs of love, and believe in who you are becoming. With love, Stephanie


Home from the Journey of Love

We had a rich and rewarding sacred pilgrimage in the lands of the ancient Maya. My heart is especially full when I reflect on the personal journeys and experiences that touched the hearts and souls of our band of travelers. There were clear moments of transformations, activation and integration of cosmic light. We experienced a soulful sharing of love, consciousness, and friendship. Everything is different now. I am grateful to my dear SiStars Lia and Trudy, and especially to Miguel Angel, for together, we all added an integral part to the whole to bring this experience into actuality.

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A few words from our group

“Our group of beautiful mystical travelers. A nicer, more loving group would be hard to find. You can feel the energy just radiating from this group. The Journey of Love has given me a new Soul Family and so much Love and Light. I am very thankful for this Heart experience. Thank you Lia Scallon, Stephanie Phelps, Trudy Woodcock and Miguel Angel to be our Teachers and Guidance”. Thank you!

I am only now starting to fully integrate the mystical beauty and abundance of the rich gifts of the pyramids and temples in the presence of such extraordinary souls, especially you and Lia. I am so full of gratitude. JW, South Africa

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Thank you, Stephanie, for your angel energies and care of us during our journey of the Maya. I'm not sure what happened on that trip yet, but I know something wonderful has shifted in me. GS, Australia

Thanks to all the friends I made. It was wonderful to be heard in a safe and nurturing environment. I will carry Miguel Angel teachings and friends memories in my heart always. MC Australia

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The energies of the Maya are firmly planted within me. Thank you Stephanie for once again being the conduit for my awakening. WF, Arizona


Miguel Angel Vergara - Maya Shaman and Master Teacher presenting in Phoenix, Arizona, June 10-12.
I am so excited to introduce Miguel Angel, a very special Maya Shaman who embodies profound grace and love. This weekend workshop will be a wonderful and rare opportunity to experience the energy, wisdom and knowledge of master teacher Miguel Angel.
Miguel Angel Vergara studied with Maya Elder Vincente Martin for 17 years and continues to work with the Elders and Priests who are keeping the Maya Sacred Wisdom alive today. He was a director at Chichen Itza for four years and has written books and given lectures and conferences on the Maya Sacred Knowledge throughout North America and Europe. He continues to share his knowledge and wisdom through Casa K'in / Iluminado Tours. To learn more visit:


It is no coincidence that the ancient Maya wisdom is rising at this time. Just as “when the student is ready, the teacher appears” as humankind awakens to a greater consciousness the ancient Maya teachings appear. The Maya understood the workings of the Universe; they charted the movement of the stars in the night sky, they observed the sun and moon eclipses, and they saw how their home, Planet Earth, had a place in the Universe and a specific role to play in it. Even today, with all our technology, we are amazed at their understanding of the cosmos.

What is even more amazing is how they related this great knowledge to humankind, to the individual human being, to you specifically. They understood that you are one with the Universe, and like Planet Earth, you have an important role to play. You are here on Earth because you have something essential to contribute to the conscious evolution of humankind.

The Maya did not see you as a speck of dust in an immense universe. They saw you as an integral part of the whole with an important role to play.

Many of you have been wakening to that concept – that you are part of something greater, that you have a purpose, a contribution of value for humankind. During this 3-day workshop Master Teacher Miguel Angel Vergara will lead you through the Maya cosmos, introduce you to their sacred divinities, to their sacred calendars, to their teachings of balance, and most importantly show how all of this relates to your life now. Through meditations, practices, storytelling, lectures, and ceremonies Miguel Angel will share with you the heart of the Maya Halach Uinik Training: Transmutation, Transformation, and Realization. Using ancient Maya teachings, this program is designed to help you see who you are, why you are here, and how you will be able to fulfill your purpose.

Join us for a weekend of Maya magic.

Friday, June 10
Evening lecture with Miguel Angel Vergara.
- The Maya Universe
- The Structure of the Cosmos
- The Different Spiritual Dimensions
- The Sacred Divinities of the Maya

Saturday, June 11
- The sacred origin of the Maya Calendars
- The Maya 20 days of the month, (meditation with Maya mantras)
- The 3 sacred aspects of a human being
- The Heart of the Sky, the Heart of the Earth and the Heart of Hearts (meditation with Maya mantras)
- The Maya stelas and their sacred wisdom
- The Maya consciousness to be, based on their cosmic values
- The 13 teachings of Quetzalcoatl / KuKuulKaan (meditation with Maya mantras)
- The Sacred Masculine in perfect balance with the Sacred Feminine

Sunday, June 12
- The Halach Uinik teachings: Transmutation, Transformation, and Realization.
- A Halach Uinik meditation with Maya mantras
- Maya Sacred Ceremonies
- Participate in a Maya Ceremony to close the workshop

Full Workshop price: $375.00 (includes Friday evening and all day Saturday and Sunday)
Friday evening only: $25
Registration begins today with a $150 deposit to reserve your place! Don't be disappointed as we expect this workshop to sell out.

Contact Stephanie Phelps by email: or call 480-216-4484
Place: Storm Wisdom
3375 E Shea Blvd., Suite A-1 Phoenix, Arizona 85028

The Sedona Experience


The Sedona Experience ~ Walk a Path of Heart with Stephanie Phelps as your intuitive spiritual guide in the magical lands of Sedona Arizona
June 07 – 10
I invite you to make a special journey to one of the most powerful spiritual centers of the world Sedona, Arizona where the red rock Vortexes transform and awaken the body, mind, and spirit.
Sedona Vortex is one of the strongest energy grids on our planet, facilitating great awakening and healing with its powerful red rocks and vortexes of transformational energy fields.
As we journey to this land of Spirit, majestic beauty, and ancient culture, you are invited to Walk the Path of the Ancient Ones. Learn to hear the voice within and use your intuition. Gather personal power and tools to enhance your life. Activate knowledge within you through shamanic journeys, vision walks, and connecting with earth wisdom.

Sedona is a place that changes lives forever.
Rock Art, Petroglyphs, Pictographs, Cliff Dwellings
Earth Wisdom Teachings, Vortex Energy
Star Gazing, Picnics, Laughter, Shared Experiences, Fire Ceremony
Sacred Circles, Sweat Lodge, Journeys and Meditations
Optional Wednesday night meditation with Crystal Skulls at a powerful crystal skull grid with over 500 crystal skulls with Jeanne Micheals and Dr. Jaap van Etten, leading researcher and scientist.
Optional Thursday night Sweat Lodge with Native American Elder Red Crow

What is included:
Transportation with Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport pickup on Tuesday 1:00 PM and returning you to Sky Harbor airport by 3 PM June 10. In some cases drop off at nearby Hotels
Shared accommodation – single room supplement as optional extra
All entrance fees
All Breakfasts and picnic lunches
Sacred ceremonies, teachings

This will be a small intimate group
The Sedona Experience is offered at an exceptional price of 745.00.
A $200. Nonrefundable deposit holds your place with the balance due on or before June 01, 2016.
For more information and to make your reservation: Contact Stephanie at White Horse Journeys 480 216-4484 or email


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May 21, 7 -9 PM
Join us for a heart-opening journey with ceremonial cacao.

I will create sacred space and share this gentle medicine and the Spirit of the Cacao plant in ceremony.

We begin by sitting in sacred circle, honoring and connecting with the Cacao Spirit, humbly asking for our intentions to be heard. We will share a ceremonial preparation of Cacao and then serve the Cacao in liquid form, and drink together. This is a non-hallucinogenic plant medicine. Cacao is like a warm embrace of love, and opens the heart. Because of cacao’s ability to increase your connection to pure heart energy, your inner self, and your heart chakra, it aids in any transformational shift you are working towards. Ultimately, cacao can help deepen your connection to your heart, and expand your capacity to love and be loved.

Drums, rattles, rhythm makers, voices and songs are encouraged for this energy raising and heart opening evening ceremony.
A interesting fact is Hershey’s or Cadbury’s is missing 99% of the active compounds in real chocolate. Lindt or Green and Black’s are missing about 80%; it is because of the processing, hybridization, and the natural variability of cacao. I use the highest grade 100% cacao, grown in the purest conditions and harvested and prepared with love.

This is a fundraiser for the balance in purchasing the Peruvian Whistling Vessels.
White Horse Journeys hopes to raise $700
A suggested love donation of $25 per person

Please make your reservation today and contact Stephanie:
Stephanie@stephaniephelps.comor call 480-216-4484
Place: Storm Wisdom, 3375 E. Shea Blvd

"Entheosonic Whistling Vessels are transformation tools using the inherent power of sound to unlock our creative powers. The universal and sacred language of sounds produced by the vessels is used as a doorway to synchronize acoustic resonance with Gaia, our mother earth" ~ Denis Casarsa
To learn more about Peruvian Whistles and the Maker Don Wright:

storm wisdom party

We are celebrating 7 years of business on Saturday, April 30 with a party.
Thank you Charles McAlpine for giving your Storm Wisdom Family a beautiful platform to do our work. I am happy to say I have been part of your team for almost 7 years. I love you and your generous spirit!

Storm Wisdom
3375 E Shea Blvd., Suite A-1 Phoenix, Arizona 85028

storm wisdom ExteriorDusk

My ongoing community offerings at Storm Wisdom

Private Sessions and Oracle Readings every Thursday
Monthly Shamanic Journey Night Second Tuesday each month 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM $15.00 All levels of experience are welcomed, beginners too.

Monthly meditation with Crystal Skulls
The Fourth Friday each month
6:00PM – 7PM

So, as they say in Guatemala at Lake Atitlan ~ Thirteen Thank yous, Long Life, and Honey in the Heart!

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