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Believing in the possible and the magnificence of Spirit to continuously inspire greatness in the face of adversity.


Together we make a difference ~ for our brothers, sisters and all creatures affected by Hurricane Harvey please use this link to make a donation helping the thousands of people whose lives have been devastated by Hurricane Harvey. Our thoughts and prayers are with all those in Florida, Texas and the Caribbean.

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So happy and honored to announce I am a winner in the 2017
Natural Choice Awards!

Thank you so much and know it truly touches my heart to be recognized by you! Congratulations to all the winners and it feels very special to be amongst this years winners.

Mystical Ireland and Equinox


On Sept 9th I will be traveling to Ireland to share in our next Journey of Love ~ Mystical Ireland. My dear friend and tour partner, Lia Scallon and I are delighted at the response of resonant souls who were drawn together for what is going to be a very special journey indeed.

My excitement for our journey is stimulated by a whispering from the ancestors the ones who worked with the stars and earth including the magical realms of devas, fairies and the animal spirits. I am looking forward to plugging into the Goddess energy of the emerald isle, the stone circles and feeling the Irish soil under my bare feet.

We will be at the sacred site of Tara for the September equinox.
Equinox is a powerful portal gateway into higher levels of consciousness.
Our ancestors celebrated these seasonal markers with ceremonies. They knew how to connect with the rhythms and cycles of nature, restoring balance and right relationship, connecting the celestial movements of the 'As Above, So Below’. Many ancient sacred sites around the world are aligned to reflect the interplays of energy between the divine and the physical. For the most part in modern society there are many souls who have lost touch with this very important symbiotic relationship. I would like to encourage you on equinox when the day and night are of equal length, a time when the veils are thinnest, make time to inform the Mysteries, feed and nurture the unique relationship we share with our planet, we are as much part of her as she is us.

If you are at a lost as to how to connect it can be as simple as using your love & will sending heart energy out into the cosmos and to the heart of Gaia. Holding your focus and shifting your consciousness awareness into a new expression for all you are becoming and your soul work. Get out in nature, immerse yourself in greenery, experienced quiet contemplation, sit under a tree, witness sunrise or sunset, drink in the deliciousness of a dark and star studded night sky. Remember we inform the mysteries as much as they inform us.

Sacred Travel


Journey of Love - Rivers of Cosmic Light

Mexico ~ Guatemala ~ Belize

April 8th – 17th 2018

I am so excite to share what promises to be an unforgettable adventure. Carefully crafted for a unique experience with the indigenous people and their ancient sacred sites to experience some of the most important, as well as some of the most rarely visited Mayan sites in three separate countries.

Join Stephanie Phelps, Lia Scallon, Miguel Angel Vergara and Trudy Woodcock for the adventure of a lifetime! Journey to three countries over land and water, to sacred pyramids, temples and magical jungle locations. Engage with the indigenous peoples of these ancient lands, and experience ceremony led by local shamans who will initiate you into the Mayan mysteries.

Rivers of ancient Maya Wisdom carry us through this powerful journey, washing clean our hearts so that we may connect deeply with the Heart of the Sky and the Heart of the Earth. From our opening ceremony at the magnificent Misol Ha Waterfall where we first encounter the Grandmother Ix’Mukane, to our final ceremony at Cahal Pech, where body and spirit become one, the illuminating, Cosmic Rivers of Light flowing through us will help to activate remembrance of our unique soul gifts.

Each ancient Maya site invites you to step outside time and immerse yourself in the living spirit of the Earth, Sun, Moon and Stars, and the wisdom of the Ancestors. At Palenque it may the exquisite artwork carved in stone that speaks to you. At Yaxchilan the prophecies of the ancient Maya Priestesses may call you. At Tikal, the Cosmic Teachers from the Pleiades beckon, and at Xunantunich, the “Light Woman” from the stars will surely shower you with their gifts of Love, Wisdom, Abundance, Healing, and Harmony. Each site, each ceremony, each meditation, and each ancient teaching holds the promise of inner transformation. Filled with a celestial Light that has the power to open the door to elevated consciousness, you are offered the opportunity to come to a new understanding of your individual purpose and contribution to life on this Earth.

For the full itinerary, registration and prices click here

Boat to Yaxchilan 2

All my work at Storm Wisdom is temporary on hold from Sept 8th until my return October 19th.

I will be available for private sessions at Storm Wisdom starting back on Oct 26th.
Resuming October 27th, the fourth Friday of each month, for my Friday night meditations.

I am planning something special for the Friday night meditation on Oct. 27th bringing to you the energies of the Celtic lands. Looking forward to seeing you then 6-7pm.

Love, Stephanie Phelps

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Who is Stephanie Phelps:
Empath, Intuitive, Spiritual Guide, Healer, Earth Wisdom Teacher, Ceremonialist, Peruvian Entheosounic Whistle Keeper, Cacao Alchemist, Crystal Skull Guardian, Shamanic Artist, Medicine Wheel Keeper, People Weaver, Explorer of Sacred Sites.


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