Wesak Celebration in the Medicine Wheel, May 12, 2006.

My dear friend Daphne drumming in our newly birthed Medicine Wheel.

Crop Formation Appears in Phoenix

Collecting crop samples
for the Pinelandia Laboratory

Medicine Tool Workshop

Medicine Wheel, Autumn Equinox, 2005.

"One of the most intriguing aspects about low density plasma energy orbs (Unified Field Plasmoids), is that their motions are not linear or random as one might expect from more charged up ball lightning state paths. Experiment results have shown that normal consumer quality cameras (both film and digital) using automatic exposure settings like this in milliseconds, cannot record any 'rapid motion trails' from such minute particles as dust or mist which 'might' get into a focal range of inches of your lens. In other words, we could not duplicate the above image using a variety of controlled experiments using different equipment and types of matter. This cannot presently be explained by our known "foundational" quantum mechanics theories, but DOES open up the door for a new generation of pioneering researchers all around the world. We are reminded of Werner Heisenberg's foundational quantum mechanics theory concerning the Uncertainty Principle, which we have observed to be a "truth" in our studies of bona-fide lower atmospheric plasma energy orbs. If you are not familiar with Heisenberg (one of the "Fathers" of Quantum Mechanics) and how our abilities to predict future paths (at an atomic level) are limited by repeatable patterns and probabilities, go to our Table of Contents and click on Chapter VII-Unified Field Plasmoids - Atoms and Light Quanta." - Orb Study

Mystery Lights

Mule Tank Petroglyphs & Orbs