The Wheel of Life

Simply put, a Medicine Wheel is a circle made of stones, although the nature and symbology of medicine wheels are far from simple. There are untold levels of meaning in these circles made of stone, and the lines within the circle.

medicine wheel

The Medicine Wheel is a symbol for the wheel of life, representing the cycles of life which is forever evolving and bringing new lessons and truths to walking our path towards wholeness. There are many traditions and teachings centered around the modality of the Medicine Wheel.

Forms of Medicine Wheels have existed all around the planet from the great stone circles of Europe to the mandalas of India. As far back as we know, we humans have created sacred spaces for prayer, thanksgiving, ceremony - places to come and experience the beauty and cycles of life and the rhythms of nature.

When we step into a medicine wheel we are stepping into the honoring, healing and transformation of our lives, our communities and our planet.

A medicine wheel is a place dedicated to the invitation of the divine powers into our midst. It is a place free of doctrines and includes all places of worship of all the religions in the world. In the sacred circle all build their own bridge joining heaven and earth. All perspectives ultimately spring from the same source; we each view the whole from a different point along the circumference of the great medicine wheel of eternal being.

medicine wheel in Sedona, AZ