With Miguel Angel Vergara, Lia Scallon, Stephanie Phelps, and Trudy Woodcock

March 4 - 13, 2016

On this very special journey you will be asked to open your heart, and experience the profound unconditional love of our Mother Earth. The Maya sacred wisdom teaches us that the Heart of the Sky and the Heart of the Earth are connected through our own hearts. As you open your heart and walk through the ancient temples of the Maya, participate in ceremonies and meditations, and tune the vibration of your inner guidance to that of the Ancient Masters, you will not only receive the amazing healing power of love for yourself, but also for the new world in which we are now living. Integral to the journey, along with ceremony and meditation, will be a rich exploration of the Divine Feminine and the mystery of the Crystal Skulls.

Your guides; Miguel Angel Vergara, Lia Scallon, Stephanie Phelps, and Trudy Woodcock

...Invite you to travel deep into the heart of the Ancient Maya, to unlock the wisdom bequeathed by them in stone. In so doing, our hope is that you will also unlock many of the long-held secrets of your soul, allowing a deep cleansing and transformation to take place.

Journey of Love Guides (left to right), Stephanie Phelps, Miguel Angel Vergara, Trudy Woodcock, and Lia Scallon.

All four Presenter/Guides have individually and collectively performed ceremony in many of the world's most sacred sites. To us, this upcoming journey feels very important and very special. A Divine hand has been clearly visible in our coming together, and we believe that those of you who answer the call to join us in the Yucatan are predestined to be there.

Stephanie Phelps - Intuitive spiritual guide, shamaka healer, ceremonialist, crystal skull caretaker (USA)

Miguel Angel Vergara - Maya Shaman, teacher, author and spiritual guide (Mexico)

Trudy Woodcock - Priestess Initiate, teacher, channel and author (Mexico)

Lia Scallon - Sound healer, channel, Crystal Skull caretaker, award-winning singer/composer (Australia)

This is a clarion call of Love...do you hear it?


A Sacred Pilgrimage to the Ancient Temples of the Maya

With Miguel Angel Vergara, Lia Scallon, Stephanie Phelps, and Trudy Woodcock

March 4 - 13, 2016

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Miguel Angel Vergara - Maya Shaman and Master Teacher

Our own Miguel Angel studied with Maya Elder Vincente Martin for 17 years and continues to work with the Elders and Priests who are keeping the Maya Sacred Wisdom alive today. He was a director at Chichen Itza for four years and has written books and given lectures and conferences on the Maya Sacred Knowledge throughout North America and Europe. He continues to share his knowledge and wisdom through Casa K'in / Iluminado Tours. >LEARN MORE ABOUT MIGUEL ANGEL

Stephanie Phelps - White Horse Journeys

Stephanie Phelps is an intuitive spiritual guide and ceremonialist who is deeply connected to Earth Wisdom, the Medicine Way and teaches a Path of the Heart. She is recognized for her passion and inspiration in bridging Heaven and Earth through community and sacred ceremony. Teaching us to reconnect to the rhythms and cycles of nature, Stephanie is a sought-after guide, shamanic practitioner, and medicine wheel keeper. A world traveler and student of various indigenous cultures, customs and beliefs, Stephanie has lived among the natives and received teachings and rites of initiation and passage from tribal elders and shamans from around the globe.

Lia Scallon - Sounds of Sirius

For the past 15 years singer, sound healer and channel Lia Scallon has been transforming lives across the globe through her multi-award-winning 'Sounds of Sirius' albums. Lia's otherworldly vocals, music and Light Language carry Key Activation Codes that trigger deep soul remembrances within the listener, along with a poignant sense of 'coming home'. The other purpose of these Galactic frequencies is the reactivation of Mother Earth's crystalline grid. In her role as code bearer, Lia has journeyed to many of the planet's ancient power portals, to help facilitate their reopening with her sacred sound, at this critical time of 'Great Awakening'. Her profound and transformative ceremonial work with the Crystal Skulls has been an integral part of that joyously undertaken task. Lia returns to the Yucatan to join with Iluminado for the third time in ten years, as part of this soul mission.

Trudy Woodcock - Casa K'in /Iluminado Tours

Trudy is originally from Canada, and has made Merida, Yucatan her home since 2001. She continues to delve into the mysteries of the Maya while defining, accepting, and following her life's purpose. Part of that purpose is to act as a bridge between the vast knowledge of the ancient Maya and today's spiritual seeker. "For many, visiting the Maya temples triggers memories of past lives as Priestesses and a recognition that they actually do know what they need to do," Trudy explains. "So many people are doing Priestess work already. The work of the Priestess, the caring for Mother Earth, is being done. It is now time to recognize it and honor it in yourself and in others."


Following is the planned itinerary. Please keep in mind that the days on this journey will unfold as they will. Ceremonies, meditations, sharing circles will happen as they are needed. We have learned to expect and welcome surprises on these pilgrimages. Each day we set the scene and allow magic to happen.

B=Breakfast L=Lunch D=Dinner

Fri. Mar 4: Arrive in Cancun

Arrive anytime on the 4th and transfer to the nearby hotel. No meals or events are planned for this day since people will be arriving at different times, some late at night. Your hosts will be at the hotel to greet you. Overnight (o/n) Cancun, Quintana Roo

Sat Mar 5: Ek Balam and Cenote Xcanche (B)

We will have an introduction circle this morning so everyone can meet, followed by breakfast together at the hotel. We then set out on our first step of our journey.

Ek Balam is the Ceremonial Center where you travel in time and space using the symbol of the Balam - Jaguar. Here, the Maya Masters developed their spiritual wings to travel to other dimensions, connecting with the future and bringing back through time and space the Prophecies for the time in which we now live. Time is a spiral in constant movement, where the past, the present, and the future come together as one in Ek Balam. The Prophets from the Stars, the Teachers of the New Era, are returning now to provide the teachings to all human beings who can open their minds and hearts to receive them.

After our visit to the ceremonial site we will travel the short distance to the Cenote Xcanche. Cenotes are natural wells, sacred to the Maya, and often found next to important Maya cities. Here you can enter the refreshing water to wash away any stress remaining from your travels. There is a small restaurant where you can get some lunch and after the swim we will head out to the beautiful Spanish Colonial City of Valladolid.

After checking into your hotel you can stroll around the main square, relax in the hotel, or do some shopping in the little markets nearby. Dinner is on your own tonight. o/n Valladolid, Yucatan

Sun Mar 6: Chichen Itza (B & L)

Chichen Itza has more than 2,000 Temples and Pyramids within the total geographic area of the site. It has two magnificent cenotes and its principle jewel is the Pyramid dedicated to KuKuulKaan. This Pyramid is "a Universal Solar Calendar" which, through the effects of the Sun and Shadow, is able to track the five movements of our Planet in relation to the sun, namely: 2 Equinoxes, 2 Solstices, and the Zenith of the Sun.

Each Temple and Pyramid in Chichen Itza is a Library in Stone. Each contains the wisdom of the Universe. Chichen Itza is a Library in Stone where the secrets of the Cosmos await you.

We will begin with a ceremony at the Sacred Feminine Cenote. Miguel Angel will then guide us to some of the major pyramids and temples following which there will be some free time to explore on your own and do your private meditations.


Lunch will be at the lovely Mayaland Hotel which is right next to the site. When we are ready, we transfer to Merida, which will be your home for at least the next three nights. o/n Merida, Yucatan

Mon Mar 7: Oxkintok and Ceremony in Cave (B & L)

This is an incredible site which has not yet found its way onto the path of the general tourist. Often we are the only ones there which will be a welcomed relief after the crowds of Chichen Itza. The name Oxkintok means "the place where three suns burn", and its philosophical etymology leads us to believe that the name is associated with our Sun in the Solar System, the Sun of Alcyone in the Pleiades Constellation, and the Sun Sirius in the center of our Galaxy. In this very special site you find three stone statues of Galactic Masters who came from the cosmos to deliver teachings on mathematics, philosophy, and astronomy.

There is a labyrinth called in Mayan, "tza-zun-tzat". According to oral traditions, the Maya Masters considered this place to be a portal open to the magic of other dimensions. There is also a Maya Arch at this site, situated astrologically with the setting of the Sun on the spring and autumn Equinoxes.

Many of the important Maya sites were associated with nearby caves which were used by the Maya for ceremony and initiations. We will go to a special one we know, not far from Oxkintok, to do a ceremony connecting with IxMukane, the Heart of the Earth. o/n Merida, Yucatan

Tue Mar 8: Uxmal (B & L)

UXMAL is "The Maya Feminine Cosmic University" has some of the most beautiful temples and pyramids in all Mesoamerica. Here the Priestesses received the knowledge from the Master Teachers and received the title: "IX KUKUULKAAN" which translated means: "Women of the Cosmic Knowledge" These learned Priestesses transmitted their knowledge to many generations in this Ceremonial Center which is dedicated to the Eternal Feminine, to Ix'Cheel, Mother of the Earth, and IxMukane, Heart of the Earth. Uxmal was a Sacred Enclosure where the Feminine became eternal with the Masculine and the Masculine came into balance and harmony with the Feminine.


It is a very beautiful city, enchanted by "Aluxes", the kindly spirits of Mother Nature. Uxmal awaits you with its cosmic beauty and its magic.

Following our visit to this very important site we will go to a special place to perform a Fire Ceremony honoring Ix Zuhuy Kaak, Maya Goddess who initiated the Priestesses into the Circle of Fire at Uxmal. o/n Merida, Yucatan

Wed Mar 9: Xocen (B & L)

Xocen will be a surprise for any of you who have not been here before. It is more of a modern Maya sanctuary than an ancient site. Here you will experience how the Maya people today keep their traditions alive. With their permission we will perform a ceremony here which will be a closing for those who are with us on the one-week option.

We then go together to a wonderful Hacienda near Valladolid where we can close this part of the journey with a swim in a cenote and a farewell lunch.

Those who have to leave will be transferred to the hotel near the Cancun airport in preparation for their flight home tomorrow.

Those who are staying for the full program will return to Merida. o/n Cancun or Merida

Thur Mar 10: Ake (B)

This is another out of the way site that holds a lot of magic. Today we will do a ceremony here focusing on the Crystal Skulls.

Maya legends tell us that Ake was founded by Itzamna, the great Master Teacher who brought the wisdom from Atlantis to the Maya. After founding Izamal he then built Ake. The tall columns on the temple invoke memories of Atlantis and everyone who visits this site recognizes its connection with this earlier great civilization. We expect our visit here, with the help of the Crystal Skulls, will bring into consciousness the memories of Atlantis that need to surface and be dealt with at this time. o/n Merida, Yucatan

Fri Mar 11: Mayapan (B & L)


Mayapan Ceremonial Center is where the great teacher, KuKuulKaan, spent his final years teaching the Maya his knowledge of the Cosmos, constellations, solar system, equinoxes and solstices. He built a pyramid dedicated to the Sun, to the Solar Logos. Every year on December 21 at sunset the sun projects on the north staircase a figure in light and shadow that appears as the descent of the Serpent to the Earth.

KuKuulKaan symbolizes our own inner energy called: Kundalini and the Serpent of Light that appears on the 21st of December resembles a small sun in the Northern Hemisphere, that is going to be reborn on the 21st of March, the Spring Equinox.

KuKuulKaan taught the Maya how to elevate their consciousness by using the energy of the Heart of the Sky and the Heart of the Earth. He told them that they have an Inner Sun…it is an Inner Generator that relates to the cosmic movements that come from the Sky.

KuKuulKaan promised to return again in the time when Humankind is prepared to once again take its place on the Cosmic Stage with the Father and Mother of the Sky and Earth. That time is now. We are here today at Mayapan to take our place on this Cosmic Stage. o/n Merida, Yucatan

Sat Mar 12: Izamal and transfer to Cancun (B & L)

For our final day together on this journey we will visit the beautiful city of Izamal. Founded by the great teacher, Itzamna, it has its roots in Atlantis. Today we can clearly see three levels of Mexico history in one unique place: ancient Maya pyramids, Spanish Colonial buildings, and the current vibrant culture of today's Mexico represented by the people living here. Izamal is full of surprises and the perfect place to close our magical journey.

We will have our farewell lunch here in Izamal and then transfer to Cancun for the night. o/n Cancun

Sun Mar 13: Depart from Cancun

Transfer to Cancun airport for your flight home.


*** Discount of $200 if registered with deposit paid by Oct 1, 2016 ***


(Per person, double occupancy)

Full program (10 Days) $2,890.00

Single supplement $440.00

One week Option (7 Days) $2,470.00

Single supplement $300.00


  • transfers airport/hotel/airport in Cancun
  • hotel accommodation as per itinerary
  • tips for bellboys, maids, and waiters
  • transportation to and from all sites in air conditioned vehicle
  • entrance fees to all sites on the itinerary
  • meals as per itinerary: B=Breakfast L=Lunch and D=Dinner
  • all teachings, ceremonies, meditations, with the four spiritual leaders
  • bilingual guide service
  • Not included:

  • airfare to Cancun
  • drinks