White Horse Journeys Presents
The Mt. Shasta Experience with intuitive spiritual guide, teacher, and holistic practitioner, Stephanie Phelps
July 23 - 28, 2015

Enrich your life and expand your spiritual awareness with Stephanie Phelps as your guide, experiencing the powerful energy of mystical Mt. Shasta

Learning Earth Wisdom, Shamanic Journeying, Exploring Sacred Sites, Vortex Energy, Healing Waters, Loving Ceremonies, Relaxation, Sweat Lodge, Meditation, Picnic Lunches, Star Gazing, Shopping, and more.

Take a look at The Mt. Shasta Experience 2014

Each day there are planned activities to participate in together as a group, however everything is optional, giving you time to relax and make choices.

Seekers come from all over the world to experience the powerful energy of Mt. Shasta/Telos. Stephanie will guide you into the realms of legend and lore surrounding Mt Shasta, while taking you to waterfalls, portals, springs, meadows, vortexes, and sacred sites to have a direct experience with the energies present. True wisdom is born of personal experience.

All teachings, activities, ceremonies, shared lodging and meals are included.

Ground transportation for the first 5 paid participants is included; the remaining participants need to arrange their ground transportation during this retreat by renting a car or driving there. So act now if you want to be driven and have transportation included.

Participants are responsible for reserving and paying for their own flights. You will want to arrive at the retreat center on Thursday July 23 on or before 6pm in time for our welcome circle and dinner. DO NOT purchase flights before talking with Stephanie (she will find the best price flights and coordinate flight times).

The cost for 5 nights/ 6 days is $1100 if paid in full in one payment now, or $ 1200 with installments of 3 payments of $400 (which is $400 now, $400 on May 1, and $400 on June 1) an awesome deal for an all-inclusive trip, except airfare. Airfare is extra and you are responsible to book it according to the groupís schedule after speaking with Stephanie. Please note the trip includes all meals from dinner on Thursday to breakfast on Tuesday morning which is a total of 14 meals (breakfasts, lunches, dinners) Breakfast is family style buffet, lunches are picnics, and the evening meal is catered.

GREAT VALUE: Pay in full upon registration and save $100

All balances must be paid in full by July 01. Cash, check, paypal or debit/credit cards accepted.

If youíre interested and feel Spirit is nudging you, follow your heart and call Stephanie.

Almost everything is included to alleviate any extra spending. All deposits and monies paid are nonrefundable under any circumstances since we are all benefiting with group rates. If you decide to rent your own car, we cannot reimburse any monies toward transportation. If you decide not to attend any activities or eat any meals, there is no reimbursement. Please note activities may be subject to change, due to weather or unforeseen circumstances, itís important to bring your sense of adventure and be flexible.

If youíre interested, email: stephanie@stephaniePhelps.com or call Stephanie Phelps at 480-216-4484 ASAP.

White Horse Journey retreats are a great way to maximize your travels without putting in a ton of extra work, they offer a unique and personalized experience!

The retreat handles all transportation (to and from airport, and during the trip for the first five paying participants)

There is shared, community lodging

All meals are included and attention is paid to special diets

Excursions, activities, teachings and ceremonies included

About Stephanie Phelps:

Stephanie is from San Diego California and now resides in Scottsdale Arizona. She is a graduate of Architectural Glass Design from the Swansea College of Art, a licensed minister, certified Medium by Doreen Virtue, holds best energy healer two years in a row by The Natural Awakenings Magazine AZ and best meditation leader for 2014, educator of Earth Medicine and the Way of the Circle, initiated Mesa Carrier, she is a healer, ceremonialist, and contributing author. As a world traveler and student of various indigenous cultures, customs and beliefs, Stephanie has received teachings and rites of initiation and passage from tribal elders, shamans and Native Americans from around the globe.

She encourages and inspires anyone she encounters to embrace their own well-being, happiness, and freedom. Stephanie enjoys being active in the community offering and participating in community ceremonies and gatherings, speaks on radio productions, writes on a variety of topics for websites and magazines, and teaches at Storm Wisdom in Phoenix Arizona.

Stephanie is forever a student of the mysteries, she enjoys hiking, exploring ancient sacred sites, loves the ocean, her family, and creating sacred art. She leads groups for retreats, workshops and ceremony around the world. Her desire is to inspire people to embrace their passions and live a life of beauty, reconnecting to the awesome power of the magical universe, and the rhythms of the Earth. Stephanieís passion is to be of service to the planet and humanity, navigated by clear vision and a pure heart.

Hereís what participants are saying about The Mt Shasta Experience:

My husband and I joined Stephanie on a beautiful and inspiring retreat to Mt Shasta (July 2014) and for anyone who is considering partnering with Stephanie, for any experience, I can totally tell you it will be worth it! If you want to experience an open heart, expand your awareness in ways you could never predict, experience a sense of community and belonging, bury something forever (literally in ceremony) you talk about but never change, witness the ability to be in appreciation and love, without limits, then join Stephanie in any way you can! The retreat was organized and well planned, the food was nutritious and better than any restaurant, and the itinerary was fun and filled with laughter. I took more photos than I have on any trip. Everything we experienced was powerful and a memory my husband and I will carry with us, all of our lives. By the way my husband knows I like this "wholu stiff" but he has for years showed little interest and rarely shares it with me, but this time I said let us do something for our anniversary I would really like to do and you can at least enjoy the hiking and water. This trip opened up a world of possibilities for him, a different world, a more loving world with unlimited opportunities. Thank YOU Stephanie and all of our new friends for this experience of a life time! ~ Rebecca Barcy

Going on a spiritual retreat with Stephanie Phelps is always a wonderful experience but her Mt. Shasta retreat this past weekend was exceptional. The grace and reverence Stephanie brings to the surrounding nature and guiding the group through every step of the journey was a gift and a blessing. The retreat exceeded my expectations exponentially and I received blessings, blessings, and even more blessings. The exposure to so many different venues of spiritual sites helped me open my heart to have unexpected experiences and a life changing transformation. In all the travels and retreats Iíve been lucky enough to attend, this retreat to Mt. Shasta with Stephanie is by far my favorite. Thank you, Stephanie, for providing and holding the sacred space for this amazing experience! Ellarae Ramey Markhart, Certified Shorthand Reporter #9298 Official Reporter, Santa Cruz Superior Court, Santa Cruz, California

Mount Shasta ~ A Moment Quiet, profound, mystical, magical, majestic, "the circle" ... its spirituality, the sharing, the tears, the compassion, the empathy, the beauty, the laughter (a delightful crescendo), the togetherness, the silence, the solemnity, the power and subtlety of collective feminine energy creating an all-encompassing moment, a journey guided to the power that is Mount Shasta in all its glory, its connection with energy, with spirit an inspiration for us all.

Only deep, inner gratitude can express my appreciation for Stephanieís guidance, leadership and her profound spirituality emanating from her inner being punctuated with grace, beauty and harmony. A spiritual guide who in her own gentle way led us to moments, to truth, to realization within ourselves and camaraderie with all. Thank you my friend ~ LPS, Scottsdale AZ.

Stephanie Phelps
White Horse Journeys
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Intuitive Spiritual Guide, Healer, Teacher, Ceremonialist.

Offering experiences through sacred journeys, workshops, ceremonies, and private sessions to empower each individual on their sacred path.