Medicine Wheel Group Ceremony

Honoring the Beauty and Cycles of all Life. Earth rhythms such as full moon, new moon, solstice and equinox cycle’s, and the occasional cosmic event (ie. lunar eclipse, comets, stargates) are acknowledged in ceremony. The act of ‘entering the wheel’ separates us from our daily routine and ordinary reality. The Medicine Wheel is made of stones with many symbolic interpretations, traditions and teachings. This is sacred space dedicated to the invitation of the divine power into our midst, free of doctrine and inclusive of all religions. In the Medicine Wheel all build their personal bridge joining heaven and earth. To walk a Medicine Wheel connects you with all aspects of the Universe, our Mother Earth, and all her relations. “It is said when you look into a Medicine Wheel, you can see the reflection of the Universe. It contains the entirety of all things.” I invite participants to step into the mystery of their own spirit. Participating in sacred ceremony helps to bring us into alignment with the natural flow and rhythm of life.

Individual Ceremony in the Medicine Wheel:

Healings, Transitions, and Celebrations of Life ~ a Medicine Wheel Ceremony personalized for the needs of the individual, specifically designed to honoring their intent in a unique way.

Shamanic Energy Healing Sessions:

Experience connected breath and the art of Luminous Energy Medicine within the setting of a stone and crystal Medicine Wheel. This is a powerful sacred healing tradition.


Medicine Wheels are great additions to places of worship, health care facilities, schools, homes, resorts, and businesses. Stephanie offers professional consultation and designs and creates for both interior and exterior projects. Pricing is based on individual site conditions, design complexity and materials chosen. Please inquire.


Venture to various sites around the valley such as Native American ruins, and other sacred sites to drum, meditate, and sing your way into 'being,' with the rising sun. We will face to the East to greet the dawning of a new day, and with it comes lumination and new beginnings. Scheduled following specific lunar, and planetary activity assisting release of that which does not serve us.


Create, consecrate, and learn the archetypal energies of
your own personal, sacred medicine tools.

Medicine tools can assist in establishing and magnifying our expression of energy and intent. Whether you craft a simple or elaborate tool it can add energy to your manifestations, healing sessions, dream work and connection with spirit. Building ceremonial and healing tools is a sacred act, and we will honor this creative process with ceremony in the beautiful setting of Stephanie’s Crystal and Stone Medicine Wheel in North Scottsdale.
All supplies provided - but feel free to bring any special pieces you may want to incorporate.

Class size limited - Reservations required.

Talking Sticks:

An embellished stick, staff, or antler often used in a group and passed from person to person, to indicate that only the individual who holds it has the floor to speak, it is a wonderful tool for ceremony, family pow-wows, and even the board room!

Crystal Wands:

Whether you craft a simple or elaborate tool it will add energy to your manifestations, healing sessions, dream work and connection with Spirit.

Prayer Feathers:

Feathers are crafted with ribbons and beads, imbued with prayers. They hold our thoughts of creation symbolizing what we want to heal or achieve in our life. They connect us with the archetypal energies of the bird from which they come.

Sedona and Ancient Sites Tours and Retreats

Join Stephanie Phelps as your guide visiting ancient Native American sites offering opportunities for visionary work and well being in an unparallel exchange. Explore Sedona vortex sites or perhaps a personal experience to one of the many sacred power sites of the Southwest. All tours are designed as a path of heart, opening to the possibilities and gifts that life presents us. Allow Stephanie Phelps to guide you on a pilgrimage into the heartland of the American Southwest or into the realms of myth and mystery exploring magical places of purpose and power around the Western United States. Join Stephanie for a journey of transformation, ancient cultures and earth wisdom.

Tours customized for each group or individual.


Drum Journeys & Guided Meditations:

This is an active meditation in which the participant arrives at a ‘peaceful way of being’ through guided imagery traveling the road to non-ordinary reality. Journeying is not an ‘out of body’ experience yet may seem extraordinary and without boundaries of time and space. Everyone’s experience is unique and personally meaningful to them. Guided mediations in the Medicine Wheel are initiated through the use of drums and crystal bowls.


Discover Your Power Animal:

Find out who your power animal is, and its role in your life. It is believed that we all have power animals who act as guardian spirits, assisting in our journey of self discovery. Animal Spirit Guides represent our strengths and special qualities. Knowing your power animal connects one to their personal power. In developing a relationship with our power animal we will be assisted and feel supported in new ways on our medicine path. With the beat of the drum and Stephanie’s guided imagery, you will feel receptive to discovery of your Animal Spirit Guide.


"The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant.
We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift." ~ Albert Einstein

Mediumship Sessions:

With her specialized gift and intuitive abilities Stephanie engages in the process of Transmission as messenger between the spirit realm and our physical world. Her intuitive and perceptive skills are utilized in the interpretation of images and symbols connected to the participant. The participant is fully involved, being open to receive and interact.

“It is my intention to help others heal their hearts and move forward in achieving balance and wholeness.”
~ Stephanie Phelps

Angel Therapy Sessions:

Everyone has a guardian Angel, a ‘spirit being’ assigned to them. The angel cards are an oracle used in this session to provide insight and guidance. Stephanie gently initiates this process working with the angels, archangels and guides.

“It is my intention that in this session ‘divine guidance’ is focused on serving, healing, inspiring and moving us to more fully enjoy the life we were born to live.”
~ Stephanie Phelps


‘Connected Breath’ is a simple technique that activates and integrates unprocessed emotion. By integrating the participant’s physical, mental, and emotional state of being, the ‘connected breath’ becomes a healing modality. As a result, significant changes come quickly and easily into One’s life. Stephanie guides you through this process honoring the participant in a safe, supportive, and loving environment.

Shamanic Healing sessions.


Private consultations are available in person as well as remotely via telephone. Because the work is received on an energetic level, sessions are extremely effective even when performed at a distance. Stephanie is available to work with you in person or in private group settings. She will customize a session to fit your needs.