“My name is Stephanie.
I am a Medicine Wheel Keeper, a Medium, and an Artist. I also like to think of myself as a visionary with keen eyes and an open heart to Co-Create our most wondrous future together.”

"In Papua New Guinea we lived among the natives, Kyle was not yet one year of age. This land is still considered one of the most remote places on earth and without doubt, one of the most dangerous. With active volcanoes, thirty-two poisonous snakes and cannibalism still practiced, it was perhaps the defining moment of my life. I no longer felt attached to a small life but had developed an inner awareness that something much greater awaited. Through my travels to various countries and living outside my comfort zone, I began to see life through new eyes,
I had embarked upon the path of heart.
" ~ Stephanie Phelps

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"When Stephanie hears a message of Divine guidance, she listens. She listens with her heart and then with her impeccable integrity, she humbly follows that guidance to create something extraordinary, whether it be a piece of art, a thoughtful gift, a meal or a kind word or deed. And so it was with the beautiful medicine wheel she was called to build. . ."

Keeper of the Medicine Wheel

Having traveled extensively, I have worked and studied with people from many cultures. I follow a path of heart and vision. My passion lies in assisting those who wish to heal and transform their lives. As an intuitive healer, guide, and Medicine Person, I am honored to work with you on your personal journey to healing the mind, body, and spirit.

Spirit called me to a path that has been blessed, one filled with the magic and synchronicities that leave you in awe in the remembering of who you are. The teachers came when I was ready for each new step of my journey. As a full Mesa Carrier, I received the rites of initiation passed down through the lineage of Q’ero Shamans of Peru. I use the ancient energy healing techniques of Soul Retrieval and Illuminations to assist my clients in transforming their wounds into sources of power and compassion. We all have a luminous energy field that surrounds the physical body. This field holds a record of all our emotional, physical, and spiritual traumas, it is the blueprint that determines how we will heal, how we will live, and how we might die. The healing work is to bring balance to the luminous energy field and return to a state of Grace.

As keeper of a Medicine Wheel, I facilitate groups and individuals in Medicine Wheel Ceremony, honoring the beauty and cycles of all life. Earth rhythms such as full moon, new moon, solstice and equinox cycles, and the occasional cosmic event ( i.e. lunar eclipse, comets, stargates ) are acknowledged in ceremony. The Medicine Wheel is a circle made of stones and represents our relationship within the circle of life. Participating in sacred ceremony helps to bring us into alignment with the natural flow and rhythm of life.

I have created a workshop on constructing ceremonial and personal medicine tools, such as smudge fans, prayer feathers, crystal wands, and talking sticks. This workshop is a day of ceremony and creativity and shamanic journeys."

~ Stephanie Phelps; blogspot

Shamanic Healing Sessions with Stephanie:

  • Soul Retrievals
  • Illuminations
  • Past Life/ Clearing Imprints
  • Spiritual Extractions
  • Clearings: Land, home, office, etc.
  • Power Animal & Spirit Guide reunion
  • Drum journeys and guided meditations
  • Shamanic Counseling
  • Medicine Wheel Ceremony for groups and individuals
  • Sedona and Sacred Site Tours, Workshops and Speaking Engagements
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